Van Allen Plexico

Van Allen Plexico is the multi-award-winning author of more than twenty novels including the Sentinels superhero novel series and the Shattering space opera series, plus the best-selling crime novel VEGAS HEI$T, and military SF such as ALPHA/OMEGA, and the Cold Lightning comic book series. He has co-created and/or edited more than a dozen pulp anthologies and non-fiction works including Sherlock Holmes, Mars McCoy, Pride of the Mohicans, Blackthorn, Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter, and the Assembled! books about Marvel's Avengers. He co-hosts the White Rocket Podcast (pop culture interviews) and On Her Majesty's Secret Podcast (James Bond discussion) among others. A professor at Southwestern Illinois College, he has hosted the Marvel/DC Trivia Tournament at Dragon Con for over 20 years.