Sam Flegal

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Sam Flegal is the independent illustrator behind Fateful Signs, and co-host of One Fantastic Week, a weekly webshow about self employed fantasy artists. He also teaches and speaks at numerous conventions, colleges, workshops (including The Fantastic Workshop hosted by 1FW), and other events. Some of the topics, Flegal covers are salesmanship, art, breaking into the game industry, and succeeding as an independent artist.

Flegal’s work has been featured on numerous game products including titles like Legend of the Five Rings, Monster Hunter International, and Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, as well as on the History Chanel. In his personal work, Flegal explores his passion for Norse Mythology, a series called Fateful Signs. As a part of Fateful Signs, Flegal successfully published the Illustrated Havamal and the Illustrated Voluspa, a series of books bringing the ancient poetry of the Vikings to life with an artistic visual interpretation.

You can find Sam Flegal at the Fateful Signs booth in the Vendor Hall.