Dirk Manning

Dirk Manning is best known as the writer/creator of comic series such as Tales Of Mr. Rhee (Devil’s Due) and Nightmare World (Image Comics/Shadowline), as well as the author of the ongoing inspirational column/book collection Write Or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide To Creating Comics (Caliber/Bleeding Cool).If you’ve heard of him, that’s probably why.

That being said, Manning has also written stories for other comics too, including Love Stories To Die For (Image Comics/Shadowline), Riley Rossmo’s Dia De Los Muertos, and The Legend Of Oz: The Wicked West (Big Dog Ink) among various other anthologies.

Manning has also written several short films for the popular YouTube horror film series Blackbox TV, including “The Hunger,“ in which Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite plays the villain.

Manning frequents the comic convention circuit, especially in the Midwestern section of the United States, and when not on the road he lives on the Internet.

Cthulhu is his homeboy… and no, he doesn’t wear the scarf and top hat in real life.