Bill Fawcett

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Guest list.

Bill’s first commercial writing appeared as articles in the Dragon Magazine in the 1970s. At Mayfair Games he edited the Role Aides role playing game modules and supplements released by Mayfair in the 1970s and 1980s. During this period he also designed almost a dozen board games such as Empire Builder and Sanctuary.

In 1994 Fawcett joined with a team of programmers to form Catware featuring him as producer and designer. Catware released Swords of Xeen (New World Computing) as part of the trilogy game set, Star General, a strategic game based upon the six Fleet books (SSI) that was one of the 20 bestselling games in the year of its release, Las Vegas Games (New World) and is now working on a on-line role playing game. He produced and designed the computer RPG game Shattered Light for Simon and Schuster. Fawcett continues to develop new internet and app projects.

Bill Fawcett & Associates has packaged over 400 books for major publishers. These include a number of best selling science fiction, mystery, and action novels. His novel writing began with the juvenile series Swordquest for Ace Penguin Putnam Publishing. The Fleet series he created with David Drake has become a classic of military science fiction. Fawcett has collaborated on several novels including mysteries such as the Authorized Mycroft Holmes novels, the Madame Vernet Investigates series. As an anthologist, he has edited or co-edited almost 50 anthologies. Bill Fawcett & Associates has packaged well over 250 novels and anthologies for every major publisher. Fawcett is the editor of Hunters and Shooters and The Teams, two oral histories of the SEALs in Vietnam. His most recently published works include It Seemed Like a Good Idea, You Did What, How To Lose A Battle, How To Lose a War, and It Looked Good on Paper: Engineering Disasters Through History. He also wrote Oval Office Oddities, thousands of fun facts and strangeness about US Presidents, The 100 Mistakes that Changed History, and Trust Me, 100 Leadership Mistakes that Changed History have now been released by Random/Penquin/Caliber.