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Director:  Leigh Bennett-Conner

Looking for mystery, the abnormal, and unearthly? You are sure to have an inexplicably good time with the Paranormal Track this year. Whether you have made the paranormal field your hobby or your profession; the roster is sure to cover all of your interests and burning questions!

Paranormal is already on the lookout for the ghosts, the unexplained, the unreal and the really tall and hairy. We're setting up our guest list and programming schedule now and we hope to give you some updates soon...but know that we'll have many of your favorites and we'll continue to make sure you know some of the newest updates in the paranormal world. Plan on coming to our Tarot readings each morning* to know how your day will go! See you soon!

The Paranormal Track is devoted to bringing you the latest and greatest information about all things paranormal at Dragon Con!