Heidi McDonald

Archived Bio. Not part of the current Attending Professional list.

Heidi McDonald is the Senior Creative Director for iThrive Games, where she does developer outreach and education around designing games for social and emotional learning and creative direction on game development projects. In addition to running game jams and workshops, she engages top industry and academic professionals in conceptualizing, creating, and testing design resources and games to increase prosocial behaviors. During her nearly five years at Schell Games in Pittsburgh, she was a writer/designer on 9 titles, several of which won industry awards. Heidi has published and lectured extensively on romance and sexuality in games and how they relate to players’ emotional engagement, and recently published “Digital Love: Romance and Sexuality in Games” through CRC Press. She is known for her collection of magnificent hats and for popping up around the Greater Los Angeles area dressed as her goth pirate alter-ego, Lizzie Bones.