Jaym Gates

Jaym Gates is the Managing Editor for Nisaba Press, an imprint of Green Ronin Publishing, as well as Green Ronin's Editorial Coordinator. She is a co-developer on an untitled FANTASY AGE RPG for Green Ronin, and a contributing developer for the LOST CITADEL RPG, and Harrisburg University's Crisis Simulation program. Jaym got her start in editing by making a joke on Twitter six years ago. Now her titles include RIGOR AMORTIS, BROKEN TIME BLUES, WAR STORIES, GEEK LOVE, GENIUS LOCI, STRANGE CALIFORNIA, UPSIDE DOWN, STRATEGY STRIKES BACK: HOW STAR WARS EXPLAINS MODERN MILITARY CONFLICT, ECLIPSE PHASE: AFTER THE FALL, EXALTED: TALES FROM THE AGE OF SORROWS, and VAMPIRE: ENDLESS AGES, with several more anthologies in development. Along the way, she's managed to publish fiction, RPGs, comics, nonfiction, and academic nonfiction. Her fiction has appeared in AETHER AGE, KAIJU RISING, HEROES!, Goldfish Grimm, and Grendelsong, and her nonfiction appears in various academic and online outlets. She has a collection of short fiction from Falstaff Books, titled SHATTERED QUEEN. She has written for FIREFLY: SMUGGLER'S GUIDE TO THE RIM, BLUE ROSE 2nd Ed., TIANXIA: Blood, Silk, and Jade, and other RPGs. After nearly losing her California home to fire, she became active in the study of crisis communication and community crisis response. She has presented on the topic to groups including the 100 Year Starship and the Atlantic Council, and continues her research in the field. She is a creative partner on an educational project which uses role playing games, storytelling, and game theory to teach students about managing crisis, in collaboration with military, nonprofit, and private interests. In her spare time, Jaym trains and rides horses, collects tea, practices a martial art called Systema, and playtests boardgames.