Amanda Faith

Amanda Faith

Award-winning author Amanda Faith may have been raised in Dayton, but her heart and home is in the South. With a lifelong love of teaching and writing, she had plenty of encouragement from teachers and friends along the way. Loving a good puzzle has always been a fascination, and writing gives her the outlet to put all the pieces together.

Being adventurous and loving to try new things, it wasn’t long before her characters found themselves in unusual situations. She loves to put people from two different worlds into new situations and to see how they interact, taking them on journeys they would never have normally experienced.

Her current adventure working as a high school English professor turned Media Specialist, writing, and doing paranormal investigations doesn’t slow her down from having a great time with a plethora of hobbies. Her published credits include several short stories, poetry, several journal articles, her doctoral dissertation, and her award-winning book Strength of Spirit. With multiple degrees, she has a passion for learning and exploring new venues. She is a staff writer for The Daily Dragon at Dragon Con.

Revisiting Pern and Anne McCaffery

James Minz was the moderator for this panel Sunday morning at 11:30AM in the Hyatt. Todd McCaffery, the son of Ann McCaffery, and Jody Lynn Nye, the “Pernographer,” reminisced on Anne, her works, and her viewpoints on Pern. Anne McCaffery always considered Pern to be a Science Fiction genre, not Fantasy. Todd told the story that since there were dragons,… Read more →

So You Want to Play D&D?

Role-playing games are gathering a growing interest. Maybe it’s because technology is overtaking our lives that people want to reconnect with other like minds. Whatever the reason, how do you start playing Dungeons and Dragons? In the Westin Saturday at 10AM was a great place to start. When the moderator Jeff Burns polled the room, about half raised their hands… Read more →

Geeking Out with Felicia Day

Geeking Out with Felicia Day

Felicia Day charmed fans at “An Hour with Felicia Day” on Sunday at 10AM in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom, with an assist from her charming “straight” man Mike Capps. This one hour went by so quickly that audience members groaned when time was up. As bubbly and energetic as ever, Day began the panel by asking the audience, “Who went… Read more →

Gil Gerard Returns as Buck Rogers

On Saturday at 11:30AM, the Hyatt International North was the landing site of Gil Gerard, best known for his lead role as Buck Rogers in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Although the show lasted a short two seasons, it had an impact on the Sci-Fi world. It’s become an icon. A hero from the 20th century awakens in the 25th… Read more →

The Delphic Oracle Says…

If you did not attend the mystical reading of the Delphic Oracle at 4PM Saturday in the Hyatt International South, you missed a hilarious time. Hosted by Todd McCaffery, the Oracle will reveal the answers you have been seeking. Only the truly gifted can channel the powers of the Delphic Oracle. The “Oracle” was a panel that consisted of Tamsin… Read more →

Was Jessica Fletcher a Science-Loving Serial Killer?

On Friday at 11:30AM in Hilton 210, the interactive panel “Science, She Wrote” discussed some of the emerging science in the TV series Murder, She Wrote. The knowledgeable Scott Sigler, Raychelle Burks, and A. Kovacs also explored the possibility that Jessica Fletcher was secretly a serial killer. How else could she discover dead bodies in every episode and every place… Read more →

Still Can’t Take the Sky from Gina Torres

Still Can’t Take the Sky from Gina Torres

It was a packed house in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom Friday at 5:30PM as Gina Torres hosted her first panel, “Firefly: Operation Zoë Alleyne Washburne.” This regal lady entertained all questions from the audience. When asked about who her favorite fake-husband is, she said it was Alan Tudyk, hands down. “We became great friends, so for us, it worked great…. Read more →

Sesame Street: Nearly 50 Years of Friendship and Fun

A walk down memory lane. That was how it felt being in the Marriott’s Imperial Ballroom on Friday at 1 PM. When the original, infamous theme song started playing, cheers erupted throughout. That song alone brought back a warm fuzzy feeling, like snuggling with your Snuffleupagus. Family had arrived in the household via television. Caroll Spinney, the legendary puppeteer and… Read more →

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