Brynna Owens

Brynna Owens

Brynna Owens is a mild-mannered freelancer by day, but by night, she's working on joining the Justice League. Cutting her teeth on fanfic before she knew there was such a thing (Frodo/Sam based on the books, anyone??), she's been writing since she learned that you put words together and form sentences. Her calling as a Professional Fangirl started with the X-Files, where she honed her writing and editing skills via fanfic that she finally had a name for, and discovered the amazing world of online fandom via IRC and AOL chats. And now, having written that, she feels old! She currently resides just outside Seattle, is owned by a cat named Gandalf, aspires to save the world, and owns over 100 tubes of lipstick.

An Hour with The Librarians

As we all know, sometimes our favorite TV shows get cancelled. But The Librarians fans didn’t let that stop them from showing up to support actors Christian Kane and John Kim on Saturday evening in the Westin Peachtree Ballroom. Well, at the start, it was just Kim, as Kane was nowhere to be seen. He wandered in about five minutes later. That… Read more →

Under the Bat Signal

Four comic book creators formed the “Batman & The Heroes of Gotham” panel on Friday afternoon in the Hyatt International North. Moderator Jami Jones, artists Craig Rousseau, Alex Sinclair, and Babs Tarr, and writer Gail Simone discussed the continuing appeal of the Batman family. Jones opened the panel by asking each of the creators to name the Bat books on… Read more →

Ritual, Faith, and Magic in Military Sci-Fi

“There seems to be a lot of tension in sci-fi between the idea of space and the idea of God,” mused panelist Melayne Seahawk at the beginning of “Supernatural and Religious Elements in Military Sci-Fi” on Saturday afternoon in Westin Chastain EF. This was the heart of a deep but entertaining conversation about the ways science fiction TV shows use… Read more →

Writing Military Fantasy: Where Are the Logistics?

Got dragons? Naomi Novik does, and she, along with fellow military fantasy writers Chris Kennedy, David Weber, and James Hunter, were more than happy to talk about how they factor the fantastical into their writing. A full crowd was on hand Friday afternoon in Hyatt Embassy EF to listen and learn about the ways these authors weave our reality and… Read more →

DC Superhero Girls: Empowering a New Generation

DC Superhero Girls: Empowering a New Generation

“I love that we live in a time where people want a girl show.” – Tara Strong You may not have heard the name Tara Strong, but you’ve certainly heard her voice(s). Currently, she is the voice of many of your favorite heroines (and anti-heroines) in the animated DCverse. Some of her roles include Harley Quinn, Ivy, and Raven. This… Read more →

Make Films Like a Girl: Women in Film, Gender Issues, and Cinematic Politics

On Sunday afternoon, a nearly capacity audience gathered in Hyatt Spring to listen to four brilliant women filmmakers, all writers and directors, to talk about the trials and the (slow) changes toward the positive that exist for women breaking past the boys’ club in Hollywood. Unsurprisingly, the conversation started with Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins, and how this one film… Read more →

Starting on Gruel and Finishing on Martinis

Starting on Gruel and Finishing on Martinis

Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston entered a packed Marriott Atrium Ballroom Sunday afternoon to thunderous applause. Arthur Darvill was unable to make the panel due to his flight schedule, but the two women continued without him. They kicked off the panel by asking anyone with a sonic screwdriver to raise it in the air for a salute. Deciding to mix… Read more →

‘Love is Love’: Orlando Pulse Tribute Comic

On June 12, 2016, in Orlando, Florida, the deadliest mass shooting in American history rocked the LGBTQ+ community when a gunman opened fire at a nightclub called Pulse, killing 49 people and wounding 58. Shortly thereafter, comic writer Marc Andreyko put out a call to comic writers, artists, and some celebrities with a question: Would they contribute a one-to-two page… Read more →

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