Nancy Northcott

Nancy Northcott is a lifelong fan of comics, science fiction, fantasy, and history. She's the author of The Herald of Day, the first book in the Boar King's Honor historical fantasy trilogy, and the Light Mage Wars paranormal romantic suspense novels. Collaborating with Jeanne Adams, she writes the Outcast Station space opera series.

Masterful Men of Military Science Fiction

Chris Kennedy, Timothy Zahn, Michael Z. Williamson, David Weber, Charles E. Gannon, and Marc Alan Edelheit discussed writing military science fiction (MSF) on Sunday at 4PM. Kennedy, the moderator, started the program by asking the panelists when they started writing science fiction and what was their first break. Zahn said he watched a bad TV show, felt he could do… Read more →

Wreaking Havoc: The Fae in Urban Fantasy

Authors Eric R. Asher, Marie Brennan, Patricia Briggs, John G. Hartness, Ted Naifeh, and E. J. Stevens discussed the fae in urban fantasy and their tendency to wreak havoc in human lives at 10PM on Sunday. Moderator Carol Malcolm kept the discussion going. She began by asking whether the fae in the panelists’ work have specific purposes or goals that… Read more →

Dragons of Science, Dragons of Fantasy

At 1PM Sunday in Embassy AB, a panel of publishing industry professionals discussed the magical aspects of dragons and the efforts to explain them in fiction. The room was full, with some attendees standing throughout the panel. Moderator Jody Lynn Nye opened the program by asking Mark H. Wandrey, Robert E. Hampson, Jeffrey A. Carver, Patricia Briggs, and Steve Saffel… Read more →

Back in Time with Historical Urban Fantasy

On Saturday afternoon, Laura Mathews, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Tina Glasneck, Walter H. Hunt, Marie Brennan, and Leanne Renee Hieber discussed writing urban fantasy in historical settings. Moderator Mathews asked the other guests what periods they used as settings and what sources they use to create their worlds. Yarbro writes in numerous periods. She researches by reading as much as possible… Read more →

Military Science Fiction Authors Discuss Their Work

Friday afternoon in Westin Chastain DE, four military science fiction (MSF) authors discussed their work and took questions from the audience. The panel opened with moderator Karen Henson asking the authors, Amy J. Murphy, David Weber, Chris Kennedy, and Van Allen Plexico, to define MSF and explain how they came to write it. Weber quoted Baen editor Toni Weiskopf as… Read more →

Jodo: The Art of Stickfighting

Jodo: The Art of Stickfighting

On Friday afternoon in Hyatt International South, Jason Hughes and his martial arts students, Mari Baker, Tammy Cleaveland, and Don Roberts, presented the history and techniques of Jodo, a stickfighting discipline. Jodo differs from quarterstaff or bo staff fighting in that the stick is shorter than a conventional staff. Jo Jutsu is the art of the staff, the first weapon… Read more →

Medieval Mythbusting

On Friday at 1PM in Hyatt International South, the Palmetto Knights busted a number of myths about medieval warfare. Laurence Lagnese moderated the program. Participants were Brant Hale, Chris Walters, Josh Waters, Kirk Curtis, and Jeff Bowers. The audience tremendously enjoyed the demonstration portions of the panel, which involved various grades of steel available in the medieval period. The group… Read more →

Roaming and Writing with Chris A. Jackson

Roaming and Writing with Chris A. Jackson

Author Chris A. Jackson has been a professional and scientist and is a lifelong gamer. He’s also a natural roamer. He and his wife split their time between the North Carolina mountains and the Caribbean. His Weapon of Flesh series about a magical assassin has made the Kindle bestseller list several times, but he also writes horror, satirical science fiction,… Read more →

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