Dragon Con On-Site Registration
QR Code Generator

First Name: * The form on the left side of this page contains the exact same demographic data that has to be collected when you purchase a membership for Dragon Con. This form will generate a QR Code for you to use at Dragon Con registration when you purchase your membership. A QR code is a type of "bar code" that contains all the demographic data that you enter using this form. By using this form to convert your demographic data into a bar code and then printing that page and bringing it with you to the registration area you will GREATLY increase the speed with which you get through the On-Site Registration line at the convention. Because now instead of having to wait for someone to type in all your demographic information, they will simply scan the barcode from that page, and you're done.
You still MUST have a photo ID with you, and the name on the ID must match the name you enter on this form.
Clicking the "Generate Code" button on this form will encode your data and open a new browser window containing the .pdf document that you should print and bring with you to Dragon Con.
If your demographic information changes before the convention such that it no longer matches your photo ID, (or your photo ID changes such that it no longer matches the information you entered on this form) just generate a new QR code and destroy the old one.
The data from this form is ONLY stored in the document on your screen. It is not stored in any database anywhere.
NOTE: This form will not work with non-English characters.
NOTE: This form is only available from Mid-May (around MomoCon) through Labor Day.
Last Name: * Honorific:
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ZIP/Postal Code: *
Country: *
City: *
State: *
Year of Birth: yyyy (may round to nearest multiple of 5)
Phone: (123.123.234)
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The Prior Data Entry QR Code web-page is not currently available. Please check again after Memorial Day