The Boy Princes: A Tragedie Most Monstrous

Writer/Producer/Director: Darren Herczeg

Sebastian, Balthazar, and Marion are simply the most boyish nine-year old boy princes that have ever lived. Tended to by their faithful, Indian manservant, Pasha, the boys have never known poverty, nor pain, nor despair. But when they must decide who among them is the most boyish, nothing short of blood, war, rape and murder awaits. The boys decide to hold a competition, and serving as judge is the mysterious Cousin Evelyn, a masked recluse who holds a grudge against the princes for disfiguring his face when they were toddlers. Evelyn immediately plays the boys against one another, and enlists the aid of the lusty lady Bernadine to systematically strip his dainty kin of their vaunted innocence. But the price of revenge is high, too high. For no one—not Sebastian, Balthazar, and Marion, not Evelyn and Bernadine, not even Pasha—can escape an impending tragedy of woefully monstrous proportions.

27 min

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