Cannibal Flesh Riot!

Writer/Producer/Director: Gris Grimly

Cannibal Flesh Riot! is a black comedy about unusual friendships, culinary tastes and the repercussions for feasting on the dead. A stylish modern film that mixes verbal wit, stop motion, and B-Horror from the ‘50s Drive-in era.

Stash and Hub, two redneck ghouls, take a journey through an ancient graveyard to do what ghouls have done for centuries: grave defiling, necrophilia, and cannibalism. On their midnight walk, they rant about their idiosyncrasies. But this morbid journey to feast on the dead does not unfold as it has the numerous nights before. Stash and Hub have raided the resting place of the deceased one too many times and the dead do not take lightly being fed on for centuries.

This film is a cinematic representation of rock and roll, EC horror comics, drunken philosophy and a barnyard hoedown. Taste the flavors of 50’s B films, German Expressionism and stop motion effects.

29 min

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