Passing Darkness

Writer/Director: Kenneth Mader; Producers: Kenneth Mader, Flo Speakmank

It begins innocently enough—athletic martial artist Elaine Ways preparing dinner for her 10-year-old daughter Samantha. But when a cryptic phone call from a mysterious couple shatters the façade, it becomes apparent that Elaine is hiding out, paranoid.

Visions of her dead husband Derek foreshadow the arrival of dark forces, forcing Elaine to take up her sword and fight her own destiny as well as a skilled, sinister opponent.
Eventually she wins out, only to be confronted by a new reality that makes her question her very sanity. Her only salvation lies in the embodiment of husband Derek, a surprise connection to little Samantha, and a shocking revelation that leads to redemption.  With Andrea Thompson (Babylon 5) and Don S. Davis (Stargate SG-1)

18 min

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