Writers: David Malki, Todd Croak-Falen; Producer: Todd Croak-Falen; Director: David Malki.

When Rudy starts work at A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D., he doesn’t know what to expect. But being handed an AK-47 and asked to shoot any British spies he might see wandering around wasn’t it.

Expendable answers the question of who would give their lives for a supervillain bent on taking over the world. Some of Rudy’s fellow henchmen are ideologically devoted to the evil Igor Tarantula, M.D. But Rudy meets the ones who’re in it for the overtime pay, or who just love killin’ guys. And at least one’s got a fully vested 401(k) and is ready to retire.

We’ve seen plenty of movies about spies. Now, here’s one about all the regular guys they kill.

20 min

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