3 Stories About Evil

Writers: Walter Reuben; Producers: Andrew Sachs, Edgar Varela; Director: Michael Frost.

3 Stories About Evil is a narrative short film shot almost entirely with still photographs in 3 different photographic formats. All three stories are very black comedies about family, the media and children’s beauty pageants.

22 min

300 Pounds

Writers/Producers: Eric Valdes & David Superville; Director: Eric Valdes.

A trailer for a brilliant piece of action cinema, a feast for both the eyes and stomach, 300 Pounds is loosely based on a Zack Snyder film that was loosely based on a Frank Miller graphic novel that was even more loosely based on a history book written by Herodotus a couple thousand years ago. The point is, somebody down the line screwed up, and this film intends to set the historical record straight. Never before has this much man flesh graced the screen.

In the words of Spartan King Leonidas: ‘When this battle is over, the world will know the power of being heavy!’

4 min

The 6th World

Writer: Ben Martinez, Dave Franco; Producer: Sasa Teodosiejev; Director: Ben Martinez.

Sometime in the near future, after nearly all of the world’s population has been devastated by the virus known as ‘Red Death’, three soldiers march out to investigate a distress signal coming from one of the last remaining quarantines on earth.

8 min

Al’s Beef

Writer/Director: Dennis Hauck; Producers: Jacob Motz, Aimee Barth, Dennis Hauck.

Bloodied, barefoot, and branded like cattle, a mysterious woman comes to town with an aim to kill the son of a bitch that done her wrong. Starring Jordan Ladd, and Dean Stockwell.

35 min

The Art of Darkness

Writer/Producer/Director: Ron Andruss.

The Art of Darkness is a 10 minute experimental horror film with goth rock music playing over 230 pieces of original horror artwork in one long montage of dissolves to convey a feeling of the darkness within.

10 min


Writer/Director: T. Justin Ross; Producer: Clayton Hable.

Isolated on a farm in the heartland, 8-year-old Nicholas watches helplessly as a freak lightning strike kills his father. Believing that his dad still lives inside the storm that took him, Nicholas begins building a magic radio to make contact. But time runs out when his mother’s new husband turns violent. Desperate to save her, Nicholas pushes his belief in a love more powerful than death and turns to the skies for help.

9 min

The Book Dealers

Writer/Producer/Director: Andrew W. Jones.

In 1893, two book dealers’ latest acquisition unleashes an eldritch evil that can only be banished with a dose of steam-punk techno-know-how. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

8 min

Booth Girls

Writer/Director: Adam Mallinger; Producers: Matt Bolish, Bryce Forester, Jon Peele.

Booth Girls follows bright-eyed Emily during her first day of work as a booth girl at a comics convention, dressed as a comic book super heroine. Throughout the day Emily is faced with crazed fans, leering weirdoes, power-mad staff, and a cast of colorful spokes models, all with their own unique take on working the convention floor as they portray other icons of science fiction and comic books.

10 min

Boxed Out

Writers: Sarah Ruchalski, Mike Capece; Producer/Director: Sarah Ruchalski.

Some people fear that technology will eventually replace humans. That’s an absurd idea, right? An office worker does his best to carry on as his co-workers begin getting replaced by mysterious boxes.

4 min

The Bug

Writer/Director: Martijn Smits; Producer: Nick Jongerius, Martijn Smits.

Mia is an elderly lady, living is a retirement home. One day her daughter gives her a mobile phone, in case of emergencies. But a ‘bug’ in the phone turns Mia’s life into a living hell.

15 min

By Appointment Only

Writer/Director: John Faust; Producer: Robert Stark, John Faust.

Jane is in search of a new life when her car breaks down in a small, desert town. To make her appointment to see an old house for sale, Jane gets a lift from a local man, Lyle. But, when the two get to know each other, the cliché of the horror movie takes a back seat. After Lyle turns on Jane, strangely an acquaintance arrives from Jane’s earlier travels to reveal a dark, supernatural secret. This small town Jane has stumbled into has more going on than meets the eye. But just when you think you have it all figured out, you too will learn how buying a house can kill you.

20 min


Writer: Christy Kane; Producers: Jerrold Ridenour, Stephen Chiodo, Christy Kane; Director: Stephen Chiodo.

In the beautiful yet slightly dark world of the Sisters Kane, where only dolls exist, Callalilly longs to play the piano perfectly. But her inability to be instantly great sends her into a fit. Will Callalilly have the patience to become a skilled piano player? Or will she give into frustration? What happens may shock you as it did her sisters.

Callalilly—a short film with a moral lesson, taken from the book Tales of the Sisters Kane by Christy Kane.

8 min

Cannibal Lovers

Writer/Producer/Director: Tara Eary.

If love can survive an apocalypse, it should survive hunger – right? But when terror and unseen monstrosities chase two young lovers into an all too real nightmare, can their relationship make it past supper time? Especially if they’re “what’s for dinner”?

10 min

Casting Call of Cthulhu

Writer/Producer/Director: Joseph Nanni.

If dread Cthulhu wants a role in Joseph Nanni’s short, he’ll have to line up and audition like everyone else. Casting Call Of Cthulhu, takes us behind the scenes of a horror movie where an exasperated director auditions would-be monsters for his next film. As it turns out, none of the applicants have what it takes to frighten anyone. One guy has claws for hands and the scary thing is he thinks that’s normal. There’s also fishgirl who can’t perform under hot lights. The director’s frustration mounts as the endless parade of pathetic auditions continues. For him, the stars are wrong. The film culminates when a creature straight from the pages of H.P. Lovecraft walks in and blows the room away.

8 min


Writer/director: Colin Cunningham; Producer: Madison Graie.

Centigrade is a contemporary thriller about a Man (Colin Cunningham – Stargate SG-1) who lives in an old, busted up camper trailer, but wakes up one morning to find himself (and it) rolling down a desert highway. Taken hostage aboard this rolling nightmare, he will have to use his wits in order to survive. Centigrade reminds us of our own mortality and perhaps even the possibility of Judgment Day.

15 min


Writers: CJ Johnson, Nick Thiel; Producers: Nick Thiel, Genevieve Wheeler, CJ Johnson; Director: Nick Thiel.

Creepers centers on two strangers trying to survive in a small house from a mysterious alien attack. As the mystery to the attacks begin to unravel, paranoia sets in. Creepers was created to present an homage to classic horror films while presenting a present day filmmaking style. Creepers reveals underlying themes of humanity and trust, providing a poignant tension amongst the main characters. This breed of science fiction and horror reflects not only the uncertainty of our era, but our sense of survival in the face of frightening obstacles.

17 min

Crowded With Voices

Writer/Director: Anya Belkina

Crowded with Voices is an experimental short created by artist Anya Belkina and composer Scott Lindroth. It is inspired by the poetry of Rumi, whose 800th birthday is being celebrated this year. The film is intended as a tribute to Rumi’s teachings and art that appealed to people of many faiths in his lifetime and united them at his funeral. The central visual motif of the film is an image of a whirling dervish whose revolving motion is in harmony with the motion of the smallest particles in nature and the largest galaxies in the universe.

5 min

Day Labor

Writer/Director: David Lindabury; Producers: Mary Grace Higgs, Nancy Miller, Jack Charlop.

Juan and Esteban have worked plenty of dirty jobs before, but nothing has prepared them for a day in the office. Can they survive the cubicles and conference rooms of corporate America?

12 min