Paint Shaker

Writers: Jon Niccum, Jai Nitz; Producers: Ryan Jones, Jon Niccum, Josh Robison, Patrick Rea; Director: Patrick Rea.

Thompson needs to find somebody to work his Saturday shift at the hardware store. But his fellow employees aren’t exactly coming to his aid, and the store is short staffed ever since his jerkwad boss Gary fired the underperforming Chuck. When the disgruntled and well-armed Chuck returns for revenge, Thompson and his callous co-worker Hannah get caught in the middle of the rampage. Gary locks himself in a storeroom while Chuck attempts to extricate the frightened manager. Once bullets start to fly, things don’t quite work out the way everybody had hoped. Or do they?

15 min

Panels for the Walls of Hell

Writer: Tak Masuda; Producers: Blake Myers, Tak Masuda; Director: Blake Myers.

William, a disaffected, pretentious projectionist at a prestigious film festival, has high notions of cinema. When screening one terrible film after another, he’s jolted from his daze when a film is destroyed in the projector. Soon he’s forced to confront Madeline, a wannabe filmmaker with an explosive temper. After enduring a slew of verbal abuse from Madeline, an unfortunate accident renders her into a corpse and William is finally given a chance to show the audience the true meaning of cinema.

5 min

Paper Shepherd

Writer/Producer/Director: David L. Houry.

Chris is the janitor at a biogenetics company, where living sheets of paper are bred to fight and die in an arena. Chris pities the papers and sets out to rescue them, hoping they’ll overcome their brutal nature and live greater lives …if given the freedom to choose.

8 min

The Paranormalists

Writers: Matt Bolish, Scott Barsotti; Producers: Bryce Forester, Jon Peele; Director: Matt Bolish.

When Chance and Ben rang the bell of the house on Young drive they knew what to expect: another widow, desperate to reach her dead husband. That passed for normal in their line of work. But Kylie Harrison is far from normal. Convinced she’s plagued by evil spirits – including that of her husband Mark – Kylie is at the end of her rope. Things only get worse when Mark arrives from work to find his wife raving to a pair of strangers. Is Kylie crazy? Is Mark alive? More importantly, do Chance and Ben have any idea what they’re doing?

17 min

Princess Alisanne

Writer Brittany Hilgers; Producer: Christin Cracchiolo; Director: Jennifer Mathews.

Alisanne, a rebellious and independently-minded princess, was born into a land where a princess’s main role in life is to be rescued and married off to a handsome prince. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she tries in vain to convince her father, the king, to excuse her from this undesirable (to her, anyway) fate, but he will not break with his kingdom’s traditions. That night, she is kidnapped in her sleep, and awakes to the reality that she will have to overcome many obstacles if she is to have the freedom that she so deeply desires.

15 min

The Procedure

Writer/Director: Sergio Pinheiro; Producers: Sergio Pinheiro, Jennifer Wagner.

Called in for a temp job, Mr. Pullman reports to a cold, stoic gentleman named Mr. Stetler, a veteran at this very special line of work. Pullman arrives in the wake of a completed procedure. He is subject to bizarre sightings and characters with severely frayed mental tethers. As Pullman is caught up in preparations for a second procedure, learning its purpose will come at a cost.

The Procedure marks a throwback to classic horror. It’s a mystery at its core and a morality play which haunts the viewer and sparks discussion long after the credits roll.

15 min


Writer/Director: Frederick Snyder; Producer: Andrew Bartels.

Strange things are happening at the Senior Prom. The boys have gone crazy, and the girls have gone wild. Amy and Darryl flee from the horror, but will they also become victims of the supernatural forces from below? Can Darryl save Amy from the madness? Can Amy save Darryl from himself? What will become of the hapless student body? Prombies! is a thrilling journey of fear and discovery and a heartwarming tale of young teenage lovers coming together to deal with the issues of sex and zombies on one of the most memorable nights of their lives.

7 min

Prometheus’ Garden

Director: Bruce Bickford

Inspired by the Greek myth of Prometheus, a Titan who created the first mortals from clay and stole fire from the gods, Prometheus’ Garden immerses viewers in a cinematic universe unlike any other. The dark and magical images of this haunting film unfold in a dreamlike stream of consciousness revealing an unlikely cast of clay characters engaged in a violent struggle for survival. Like all Bickford films, Prometheus’ Garden defies description and simply must be experienced.

28 min


Writer: Mark Garbett; Producers: Kimberley Browning, Mark Garbett, Barry L. Caldwell; Director: Barry L. Caldwell.

When Carol looks into a mirror, she sees things that horrify and repulse her. She’s not a medium; she’s not a ghost whisperer; She’s a frightened young woman on the edge of madness. Will the handsome stranger who offers to help be her salvation, or her final vision of terror?

16 min


Writer/Director: Jeremy Boxen; Producer: Norma Mendoza.

Henry is an overworked business consultant. On the job 24/7. A slave to his cell phone. Working the long hours to support himself and his wannabe novelist girlfriend, Jasmine. So when his cell phone becomes permanently stuck to his head and won’t…stop…ringing… he tries to ignore the problem. Tries to continue life as usual.

But as Henry’s condition worsens it threatens his career and his relationship with Jasmine, forcing both of them to re-evaluate their lives and their places in the universe.

19 min

The River on Randolph Street

Writer/Director: Zahik Rizvi; Producers: Zahik Rizvi, Babak Naghi, Zak Rizvi.

Jude and Rebecca’s weekend trip to Vegas leads down a dark road of desperation, where a chance encounter with a stranger leads to one last game… a game where the stakes are eternal.

18 min

Safe House

Writer/Producer/Director: Stephen Sherrard-Griffith.

Safe House looks into the world of two spies from different religious and political backgrounds who are sent to kill each other but learn in the confines of an international safe house they can form a friendship. It is film noir and like Sin City meets The Bourne Ultimatum.

15 min

Safety First: the Rise of Women!

Writer/Producer/Director: Mac Kelly.

The most depraved safety film ever made in the history of the motion picture industry.

Boobs, bums, buffoons and high-rise safety converge in this lecherous romp where women run the office and men run scared. Remember, when an emergency strikes, stay calm! Or else you’ll end up like that stupid man!

“If this film saves just one life or prevents just one twisted ankle, I’ll have done my job.” — Mac Kelly

50 min

Shamus the Myth

Writer/Director: Raymond Carr; Producers: Chris Marshal, Erica Jamison.

This is a world where haunted houses thrive. Labeled as Paranormal Infestations, the governments of the world try their best to keep things under control, but all they can do is quarantine the areas. A group of fugitive known as the Aggressive Change Movement tries to change the world by fighting back, lead by a mythological man who no one really knows. The media praises him, the government hunts him, his peers respect him, but none of them know who or what he is. Shamus Fleming is a man on a mission, a man with a secret.

24 min

Small Talk

Writer/Producer/Director: Chris Rogers.

Small Talk is a comedy about a beautiful woman named Vanessa in search of a night of wild and unabashed fun. Although she is incredibly sexy, seemingly outspoken and may look like the type that would be a regular in the Hollywood scene, she was really quite opposite. After coming across two different guys, Thomas and Casey, she decides to do something she’s never done before. These men meet for the first time, lured by this vixen, into a night that they won’t soon forget.

19 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Harley Hay

SMARTphone explores what happens when a techno-nerd with the latest gadget magically transforms a Plain-Jane in a coffee shop, and then finds out that he’s not the only one with a Smartphone.

3 min

Straighten Up And Fly Right

Writer/Director: Jesse Costello; Producers: Jesse Costello, Juan Carlos Rojas, Martin Fullone, Diego Ramírez.

Jimmy Lamont and Frank Lockwood are two career criminals who think they’ve pulled off the perfect bank heist until some divine intervention causes them to rethink their best-laid plans. Like touched by an angel, perhaps, but only if that angel was a cranky Busby Berkeley.

15 min


Writer/Director: Jon Spira; Producer: Hank Starrs

In the middle of nowhere, a smartly dressed man wakes up to find himself firmly planted in a cornfield with no idea of who he is or how he got there. A curious stranger who claims to be a farmer happens across him, helps him out of the ground and offers to take him to the nearby train station. As their supposedly short, and increasingly verbose, journey stretches into hours, the ‘Suityman’ harbors suspicions of his guide and the apparent truths he might be hiding. Beckett meets The Wicker Man in a very British story of mistrust and unimaginable truth.

15 min