realTIME – it’s just a game…

Writer: Christopher Klein; Director/Producer: Steffen Mueller

A spy ring infiltrates an internet online game with real missions. Heidingsfelder is an addicted nerd and walks into the trap. He accomplishes the illegal assignments for bonus points. A journalist is collecting evidence and suddenly becomes a mission target herself.

26 min

Red Lines

Writer/Director: Frazer Lee; Producer: Joseph Alberti.

Young schoolgirl Emily (Kirsty Levett) has been caught running in the hallway again…  She is kept in detention and is forced to write lines by her teacher (Doug ‘Pinhead’ Bradley). All alone in the eerily quiet classroom, Emily’s night becomes a nightmare when she discovers the mystery of the ‘Red Lines’.

(out of competition) 7 min


Writer/Director: Jack Daniel Stanley; Producers: Jack Daniel Stanley, Mark Johnson.

When a woman with fragmented memories and a slippery grasp on reality returns to her lover, she discovers that he’s been disemboweling women in their basement ever since she left him long ago. The grotesque meets the sublime in Rekindled, a gritty yet strangely elegant tale of serial killers and supernatural romance.

8 min

Revenge Academy

Writer: Alan Steadman; Director: Andrew W. Jones.

Within the walls of Hunter Duke Academy lurks the world’s most dangerous after school club. Dedicated to death, war and vengeance, this group of malicious students must now face their greatest adversary: Public Relations.

Revenge Academy is an irreverent, blood-soaked comedy about selling out and getting even.

13 min


Writer/Director: Henning Ricke; Producers: Marc Meester, Axel Ricke, Henning Ricke, Michael Harmata.

In 1972 NASA launches the Pioneer 10 satellite. On board it carries a golden plaque with an engraved message for extraterrestrial intelligent life: The symbolic picture of our solar system and the image of a man and a woman.

For the inhabitants of Rosfeld encounters of the third kind are not on their daily agenda. A lot more pressing is the question why rival neighboring village Bisiningen has once again won the local football tournament. All attempts by Rosfeld’s mayor Berger to change his insignificant village’s fate have failed for years. The small world of Rosfeld is turning upside down, when unexpectedly an alien spaceship materializes over the rooftops of the village. Now mayor Berger sees his chance to eternal glory. He will make the first interstellar contact! And this time NOBODY will question Rosfeld’s right to a place in the history books! What Berger does not take into account while planning the reception is, that everything the alien life form knows about mankind fits on a small golden plaque…

30 min


Writer/Director/Producer: George Smaragdis.

A friendship blossoms between an inquisitive young boy and a solitary bone carver. But, the old man’s mysterious past catches up with him, resulting in terrible consequences.

7 min


Writer/Director: John V. Knowles; Producers: Lotti Pharriss Knowles, Guy Birtwhistle.

Welcome to The Scene… Inspired by the Wired magazine article “The Shadow Internet” by Jeff Howe, SHADOW.NET is set in the underground world of online movie piracy—a secret network of anonymous groups that compete to steal the latest films. Greg McKenna (Screen Name: Deckard) and the other members of an upstart group known as DMG are tired of being overshadowed by other groups with better access to stolen films. Deckard jumps at the chance to raise DMG’s rep with a huge score: Marvel’s latest release. But just like in any other high-risk heist, things don’t quite go according to plan.

20 min


Writer/Director/Producer: Jim Menza.

Mel hires a local production company to shoot a regional commercial for his small, family owned, plumbing business. It turns out to be much more than he bargained for.

8 min


Writer/Director: Benjamin Radford; Producer: Edward Summer.

A young boy in a library neglects his math homework, and is instead drawn into a world of fantasy while reading about the mythological Sirens, lovely women who lured ancient sailors to their deaths.

6 min


Writer/Director/Producer: James Mullins.

This is a stop motion short about an average Joe type of alien taking a trip to an asteroid field. While enjoying the scenery of one of the larger asteroids, he mistakenly picks a flower that is much more than a common flower. He is chased off the asteroid with the flower still in his pocket. Things get crazy when he places the flower into a soft drink in order to revive it.

6 min


Writers: Michael Attardi, Peter Raymundo; Director/Producer: Michael Attardi.

Have you ever wondered what magical things could happen under your Christmas tree?

In the miniature village of Snowyville, Sir Evil, a power-hungry knight charges in atop his dim-witted sidekick, the Dragosaurus, only to find the village deserted. In order to find out where the villagers are, the Dragosaurus has the ridiculous idea to go in and spy. But first, he needs a title: “The Head of Intelligence.”  With Jim Belushi, Tim Curry, and Joey Fatone.

4 min

Snuggle Time

Writer/Director/Producer: Angela O'Sullivan.

It’s bedtime and everyone needs their favorite toy to snuggle with in order to sleep. Snuggle Time is the story of a little girl, a vampire, and the stuffed toy lamb that is caught between them.

5 min


Writer/Director: Tom Flynn; Producer: Dianne Ward.

Barry is a fledgling couples therapist with a lot of heart and no talent. He goes on a blind date only to find out that his date is Claudina, a strange old hag with a curiously over-active libido. After a series of strange paranormal events, Barry must rely on his shoddy counseling skills to make it through the night with his body and soul intact.

19 min

Springbringer: Songs from the World of New Nature

Writer/Director/Producer: Jukka Eronen.

Springbringer is an epic, poetic and dream-like music fantasy movie from Finland. It is an enchanting journey to the world of New Nature which is full of wonders, swans, animals, spirits and changing seasons: “Three thousand suns ago… A seed falls from the sky. It lands on the bottom of a pond. The beautiful seed begins to sprout and rises to surface. A sprite is born. Swans gather around her as she calls them. The pond starts to effervesce. The sprite sends the swans on a voyage to the Moon. They must fly there before the sky freezes over.”

20 min

Striking Metal (Tira Bakal)

Writer/Director/Producer: Scott Wurth.

Since 1963, when members of Matias Santos’ family became sick, with some dying, Matias made a pledge to God by imitating the sufferings of the Lord Jesus Christ in an act to save them. Through a grueling event called “Tira Bakal”, the Santos family honors their late grandfather’s pledge in a tradition that not only involves a family but has engulfed a community.

25 min


Writer: Soham Mehta, Marcel Rodriguez; Director: Soham Mehta; Producer: Seema Shah.

The dead are rising and the city has been evacuated, but two survivors remain behind. Rita would not abandon her infected husband, and Sachin refused to leave the memory of his dead wife. Willing to do anything to avoid dying alone, Rita deceives and seduces her way into Sachin’s life, but soon discovers that tempting his memories is even more dangerous than what’s lurking outside.

Survivors brings Indian influences to the classic zombie genre to create a sexy, fun, and terrifying nightmare.

13 min