Past and Future Kings

Written/Directed by Raphael Hebert; Produced by Raphael Hebert, Brent Radford

A medieval warrior kills his King, who had become a tyrant and then has doubts about his abilities to wear the crown. Forcing the King’s Mage to show him the course of his future reign, he discovers that one’s fate should not be known.

30 minutes

Pour 585

Written/Produced by Kaori Ishida; Directed by Patrick Smith

A timid character with a wine glass for a head grows larger than his numbered peers while participating in a prosaic cycle of pouring. “”Pour 585″” is a hand drawn animated film that visually interprets the individuals role in hierarchy. The conflict occurs when a cycle is interrupted by a character that does not adhere to the machine-like norms. This individual ends up breaking the cycle and establishing a new order, possibly even more tyrannical than the first.

5 minutes

Relivation {aka Weerzienwekkend}

Written by Wim Bax; Directed by Wouter Springer, Wim Bax; Produced by Ray van der Bas, Wouter Springer

It’s 2025. Finally there is a scientific breakthrough: a second chance for the dead. Well, only for those who once hopefully chose for cryonics, like Hélène Toujours. Only eight months after her passing she finds herself renewed and alive at the doorstep of her relatives. But what have they been up to? And what has become of her legacy? As always, grandma clearly has an opinion of her own.

7 minutes

The Replacement

Written/Directed by Sean Miller; Produced by Naz Khan

On election night 2036, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes the President. He goes on a bender to seek justice, encountering new forms of prejudice, dismissal, and classism. In a society where the morality around cloning is dividing the masses, physically looking like the newly elected President has its own dangers…

17 minutes


Written/Directed/Produced by Christopher Dobbs Jr.

A duo of deep sea detectives must grapple with the most difficult case of their lives while also having to deal with the effects of their rising stardom within their city. Sea-Tectives is a comedy that parodies the serialization of detective fiction and is set within the context of an underwater city inhabited by fish, mollusks, and crustaceans.

11 minutes


Written by Walt Guthrie; Directed by Matt McGahren; Produced by Matt McGahren, Walt Guthrie

In the not too far-flung future, a middle-aged couple go in to purchase the very latest in erotic technology: a beautiful sex robot that can cater to every physical desire and every emotional need. But is this more-human-than-human simulacrum ultimately destined to be humanity’s slave or its master?

8 minutes

Sound From the Deep

Written/Directed by Antti Laakso, Joonas Allonen; Produced by Jupe Louhelainen

An international research group is searching natural resources from the Arctic Ocean. They pick up a strange underwater sound from far north, and start to follow it to the uncharted waters. Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

29 minutes

Star Wars: Dresca

Written/Directed/Produced by Jessica Champneys

When Dresca – an injured Imperial pilot – is rescued by Rebels after the Battle of Endor, she must choose between her loyalty to the Empire and the kindness of strangers she once thought of as monsters.

7 minutes

Stranger Things: The Story of Henry and Dale

Written/Directed by Brittany Joyner; Produced by Charles Beck, Trevor Crews, Travis Ingrham, Brittany Joyner, and Philip Shuck

Six people went missing during the week of November 6th 1983. Will Byers, Barbara Holland, two people from the Hawkins National Laboratory, and Henry and Dale. This is the story of Henry and Dale. Follow along as two bumbling drunks wander into the woods of Hawkins Indiana and find a strange and mysterious world which may be their undoing.

6 minutes


Written/Directed by William Elder Groebe; Produced by Todd Jeffery, William Elder Groebe

It is late when Ana’s bus makes an unscheduled stop. The driver and other commuters fall unconscious. Ana is the only one awake when an otherworldly passenger forces Ana to make a life-or-death decision. Her fellow commuters awake unchanged, but for Ana this may have been her last ride.

8 minutes

That’s Final

Written by David Raines, Christine Gatlin; Directed by John Freeman; Produced by Christine Gatlin

In this dark comedy, the friendship of two horror buffs is tested when they are pursued by a masked maniac and realize that there can only be one final girl. Can they settle their differences and work together in order to both survive?

8 minutes


Written/Directed/Produced by Ben Roth

After crashing his motorcycle into a tree on a moon, Ash the mercenary must drown out an alien boy’s paddle-ball’s systematic thumping as he awaits Space Triple A to come save him, or else Ash will go crazy from the monotonous thump, thump, thump…

3 minutes

Tuesday Crowd

Written/Produced by Jonathan Hirsch; Directed by Will Kioultzopoulos

Cole is a graveyard shift fry-cook at a greasy burger joint who finds himself stuck at work late into the night, missing his anniversary dinner with his girlfriend. Across town, Jim and his employee Billy finish wrapping up an under-the-table gig when their van is hijacked by a masked robber. They come to a crashing halt in the parking lot of Cole’s lonely burger shack. In the confusion, the robber takes Jim’s earnings and hides in the restaurant. When Jim sees the cash is missing, he storms into the restaurant, on a mission to find the thief and recover his money.”

20 minutes

Voyage Trekkers

Written by Nathan Blackwell, Craig Curtis; Directed by Nathan Blackwell; Produced by Nathan Blackwell, Tray Goodman

The GSV Remarkable is the worst starship in the Galactic Union. It’s where they dump all their misfits, idiots, and screw ups they can’t legally execute or imprison. But the desperate crew of the Remarkable, lead by the brash and reckless Captain Sunstrike, struggle to make a name for themselves in the galaxy. But when a disaster rocks the Galactic Union, each crew member must struggle with an existential crisis as they attempt to complete their latest mission, a hostage situation on the artist colony of Kerlax V.

24 minutes