Baphomet High

Written/Directed by Rebecca Raymond; Produced by Kennikki Jones-Jones

Ellie wants nothing more than to be invited to join the most popular club in high school – the math club. So, when the club finally accepts her, she’s ecstatic. But, when Ellie discovers the club is secretly a satanic cult, she must decide whether popularity is worth killing for.

7 minutes

Geek Lounge – Going Solo

Written by Erin Gordon, Conor Burke, Larry Ziegelman; Directed by Larry Ziegelman; Produced by Aaron Gang, Jane Morson, Larry Ziegelman

After an evening of striking out with the guys during “Cosplay Night””, Abby decides to help a fellow geek by giving him some advice at meeting the opposite sex.

6 minutes

Goodnight, Gracie

Written/Directed by Stellan Kendrick; Produced by Stellan Kendrick, Gloria Sandoval

When Christ-loving eight year old Gracie startles awake to a loud BANG, she assumes it’s just mom and step-dad at it again downstairs. But a blood-curdling scream suggests something more sinister, so Gracie grabs a flashlight and heads to the landing to investigate. She gazes in terror at the sight of her mother’s body hacked into a grizzly pile of gore. Her stepfather locks eyes with her, ax in hand. Gracie flees to the sanctuary of her room. Rather than fight back physically, Gracie desperately calls upon Jesus to banish the evil from her house.

4 minutes

Hope in a Box

Written/Directed by Mick Dow; Produced by Becky Black, Mick Dow

On Sunday morning the council offices were empty apart from two employees. At 9.20am they were both abducted and taken to an unknown location. Kidnapped, tied up and locked in a box, unlikely heroes, Ally and Mark, have to make a decision. Do they stay or get out?

7 minutes

The Infamous Guy Christman

Written/Directed by Anthony DeNiro; Produced by James Leming

A broad comedy about hiding a dead body. Wannabe villain Guy Christman is holding America’s Greatest Spy hostage. However, after accidentally killing the spy, Guy is confronted by his ex-wife, who is giving a tour to sell their house. As they both attempt to cover up the dead body sitting in the middle of their living room, they find their situation becomes harder and harder to control.

6 minutes

Kitchen Sink Classic

Written/Directed/Produced by Lauren Shein

Trying to get a man’s attention can sometimes prove difficult, however a smart woman knows the most effective way. In Kitchen Sink Classic we catch a glimpse of the cunning female mind at work. Now who doesn’t like a bit of tongue-in-cheek at the kitchen sink.

3 minutes