9 to 5 Feet Under

Directed and Written by Terry Ziegelman; Produced by Lia Abbate

In Bob’s dead-end job, the end is only the beginning. Inspired by actual events, 9 to 5 Feet Under satirically explores the humanity–or lack thereof–of the corporate world, when a hapless co-worker unexpectedly dies in his cubicle.


11 minutes


Directed and Written by MK Hill; Produced by MK Hill and Sean O’Brien

Benson is an autonomous algorithm that claims it can predict anyone’s death down to the day. Flaherty is a down-on-his-luck cop with evidence of the secret to Benson’s stunning accuracy: Benson kills its clients.

7 minutes


Directed by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette; Written by Raúl Koler and Sabrina Pace; Produced by Emiliano Sette, Yashira Jordán, and Francisco Zamudio.

Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil fulfill their destiny by testing humanity’s happiness in a struggle that has each of us as winners and losers.

15 minutes


Directed and Written by Tom Botchii; Produced by Erik Bernard and Jerry G. Angelo

A comic book obsessed serial killer’s sinister plan to train his son to be his replacement is interrupted when the young boy threatens to expose their family’s terrifying family secret by luring a well-meaning stranger, Holton, to their secluded farm.

77 minutes

At the End of the World

Directed by Fon Davis; Written by Fernando Perez and Suzy Stein; Produced by Arielle Bachfeld and Taylor Bibat; Co-Produced by Renando Perez and Suzy Stein

In an apocalyptic future, a lonely government worker finds solace in a hopeful soldier during the very last World War. But their future together is threatened when the soldier is sent back into battle.

13 minutes


Directed by Jackie Perez; Written by Jackie Perez, based on a work by Stephen King; Produced by Brian Campeau

Federation Officer Shapiro crash-lands on a desert planet with no sign of water, life, or escape. Her crewmate Rand is no help, and resigns to his fate on the hypnotic alien dunes. Locating the ship’s emergency beacon is their only hope, but when a salvage crew answers their distress signal, it’s already too late.

14 minutes

A Big Mission

Written, Directed, and Produced by Longyin Zhou and Yujie Chen

In this 3D animated comedy, a baby devil must secure his recent promotion by killing all of humankind. Unfortunately, the furniture in his new house makes it impossible for him to go to work! Will the baby devil complete his big mission?

5 minutes

Bleeding, Kansas

Directed by Daniel Lafrentz; Written by Chris Grillot and Ezra Herz; Produced by Geoff Faugerolas, Daniel Lafrentz, Jeremy Hill, and Griff Jones

A pair of mismatched U.S. Marshals – a reformed outlaw and a free man of color – is sent to the Kansas frontier to uncover the fate of a Marshal who went missing while escorting a member of a notorious gang to his hanging. But when the Marshals find the condemned man alone and barely alive, the obvious answers don’t hold water. All the evidence points to something much darker and more sinister.

15 minutes


Directed and Written by Rakefet Abergel; Produced by Rakefet Abergel and Marshall Langohr

A traumatic event forces a recovering addict to face her demons without her worried fiancé uncovering the truth. Over the course of one rough night, Devi, seven years sober, must make a difficult choice between who she loves and what she loves.

15 minutes

Capitán Kinesis

Directed and Written by Charles Jofre; Produced by Francisco Jiménez Céspedes

Sebastián is a retired superhero who lives alone in a small apartment. He leads a quiet life and it has been years since he last used his superpowers, but an unexpected visit puts his world in danger.

11 minutes

Drūdly: Druids on Demand

Directed and Written by Matt Lincoln; Produced by Matt Lincoln and Christian Leadley

In this pilot episode, gig economy Druids intercede arcane mischief through a Cleanly-style app called “Drūdly” on behalf of NYC’s upper crust in exchange for scant tips and shitty reviews. The Magicians meets High Maintenance.

10 minutes


Directed and Written by Wesley Jamal Fleming; Produced by Sean Carroll

Eagleman, alt-righteous defender of United City, leaps to the rescue when the city is under attack! But what will our hero do when he kills an unarmed black teen during his caped crusade?

15 minutes

The Ebbing

Directed by Kevin Patrick Murphy; Written and Produced by Jennifer Trudrung

When her young daughter goes missing, a mother is haunted by nightmares of her daughter in a derelict location. These visions lead to clues as to what happened to her daughter, and also indicate who might have taken her.

13 minutes

El Cuco – Portrait of a Boogeyman

Directed by Daniel Garcia; Produced by Kathryn Henderson

El Cuco: the mysterious bogeyman who kidnaps and eats naughty Latino children that don’t obey their parents. In the past, he was Mom and Dad’s best disciplinary ally, but times have changed. Today, El Cuco struggles to stay relevant in a world full of violent games, evolving technology, and a sensitive public.

7 minutes