Escape from North Korea

Directed, Written, and Produced by Keith Eng

In a distant 1980’s future, America’s last Ninja must rescue the President’s Daughter from Neo-North Korea. There, he faces an uphill battle against genetically enhanced super soldiers including an adversary so supreme, the battle must be taken off-planet.

30 minutes

Farrah Rogue – Awakening

Directed by James Guard; Produced by Daniel Millen

In the Sci-Fi episodic “Farrah Rogue – Awakening”, heroine Farrah Rogue, an ex-actress gone bounty hunter, and her companion Spidar scavenge the remains of the fallen corporation GARL (Galactic Aeronautical Research Laboratories) and their top secret research facilities scattered across the galaxy.

6 minutes

Spice Frontier

Directed by Jalil Sadool and Adam Meyer; Written by Jalil Sadool; Produced by Keith Lackey

Over a century has passed since the destruction of Earth. Without a home planet, humans now live among the thirty-eight known alien species. Kent Williams, a struggling chef, leads a disparate band of adventurers aboard their ship, The Serrano. Eager to discover the culinary secrets of his ancestors, Kent and his cyborg companion, C-LA, traverse the cosmos in search of rare Earth spices.

8 minutes