9 to 5 Feet Under

Directed and Written by Terry Ziegelman; Produced by Lia Abbate

In Bob’s dead-end job, the end is only the beginning. Inspired by actual events, 9 to 5 Feet Under satirically explores the humanity–or lack thereof–of the corporate world, when a hapless co-worker unexpectedly dies in his cubicle.


11 minutes

The Oregon Road

Directed and Written by Brian Michael; Produced by Jaymi Michael

The trail is difficult and deadly. Not many people make it to Oregon. Here are the stories of the rare few survivors that make it to the end. A twist on a classic Oregon Trail video game that shows the true horror of the game: actually being lucky enough to win.

9 minutes


Directed by Charlie Stauffer; Written by Charlie Stauffer; Produced by Megan Messmer, Autumn Bailey, and Camara Davis

Ben needs to finish his work early so that he can apologize to his girlfriend. But a strange virus spreads through his office – a virus that makes coworkers sing and dance uncontrollably, with deadly results. Can Ben survive long enough to connect to his girlfriend in this new, musical way?

12 minutes