Irrational Thoughts

Directed, Written, and Produced by Andrew Racho

Irrational Thoughts is Andrew Racho’s cartoon series about the ridiculous, dumb thoughts that he usually thinks of while in the shower, in traffic, or on the toilet making bears. Started as a self-challenge to produce 52 shorts in a year, Andrew takes on the topics of thunder blankets, swiping on friends, the argument that ensues when trying to pick a place to eat, and imagining friends having sex. You don’t want to miss this! Or season 3 of Jessica Jones. That show is pretty cool, too.

7 minutes

We Are The Prototypes

Directed by Ayesha Adamo; Written by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla; Produced by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla

Hans von Kleinenberg and Hans Gambino are The Prototypes: the trailblazing founders of I.F.E (Intelligent Feline Electronica). But they weren’t always on top of the world, bringing cat music to the masses. In fact, they used to be in a metal band, didn’t speak with German accents, and lost a band member to spontaneous combustion. We Are The Prototypes is a deeper look at the band that rose from the rubble of the twenty-first century music industry to achieve cat video fame.

14 minutes