Drūdly: Druids on Demand

Directed and Written by Matt Lincoln; Produced by Matt Lincoln and Christian Leadley

In this pilot episode, gig economy Druids intercede arcane mischief through a Cleanly-style app called “Drūdly” on behalf of NYC’s upper crust in exchange for scant tips and shitty reviews. The Magicians meets High Maintenance.

10 minutes


Directed, Written, and Produced by Ashley Padilla

Are you really at a sleepover if it doesn’t involve some good old fashioned demon-summoning? Hodgie and Podgie decide to spice up their slumber party with some Ouija board fun, and to no one’s surprise but their own, they summon a demon! He’s not just any demon, though. He’s the infamous Ouija demon, ZOZO, and he doesn’t have time for dumb little kids. This should teach them not to mess with black magic. Right?

3 minutes

A Purgatory Story

Directed and Written by Tom Albanese; Produced by Tom Albanese and Joey Long; Co-Produced by Mary Rachael Gardner

Life isn’t easy for Gerald. He’s dead, he’s a demon, and he’s been stuck in Purgatory for 48,113 days. Every morning, Monday through Sunday, he spills his coffee, fruitlessly rubs Horngaine on his tiny horns in the hopes he’ll get noticed over the cocky, big-horned demon he shares his daily elevator ride with, and sits at his desk on spirit board duty where he’s forced to chat with drunk girls at slumber parties and eerie, hooded cult members–until Claire. Now, Gerald wakes up on his grungy cot not dreading the day ahead, but looking forward to it! But as his spirits lift, Claire begins to wonder how a relationship like theirs could ever go anywhere. After all, he’s dead, and she’s alive. How could something like that possibly work out?

17 minutes


Directed by Kevin Barwick and Carlos Mejia; Written by Kevin Barwick, Carlos Mejia, Christina Christie, Adriana Aguilar, Nathanael Berrian, Eileen Cinerar, Niara Clay, Kyle Climaco, Angelica Duvic, Matthew Graham, Ivan Olortegui, Lauren Posner, Sarah Rahman and Brandon Schaal; Produced by Matthew Graham and The University of Central Florida’s School of Visual Art and Design

Gordon, nervous about his dinner date, has a secret – he has snakes for hair, and a bad habit of turning people into stone. Will he find love, or is this a date with disaster?

7 minutes