El Cuco – Portrait of a Boogeyman

Directed by Daniel Garcia; Produced by Kathryn Henderson

El Cuco: the mysterious bogeyman who kidnaps and eats naughty Latino children that don’t obey their parents. In the past, he was Mom and Dad’s best disciplinary ally, but times have changed. Today, El Cuco struggles to stay relevant in a world full of violent games, evolving technology, and a sensitive public.

7 minutes

The Glowing

Directed by Justus van den Elsen; Written by Justus van den Elsen and Bart Verhoeven; Produced by Pim van Gorp

The year is 1850. A poor farmhand tries to smuggle his livestock over the border of Belgium and the Netherlands. When the farmhand lies to his grandparents about a missing goat, his grandmother tells him a story of what has happened to a farmer who was cursed for his lack of honesty. As the young farmhand soon learns, the ancient evil in her story is real.

9 minutes


Directed by Julian Scalia; Written by Julian Scalia and Molly Ebner

A photographer captures a model in his studio. Between the camera flashes, time slips away to expose a dark secret.

H’ilol, which means “seer” in the Mayan language of highland Mexico, is the Jury Grand Prize winner of the KODAK and ATLFS 2019 “100’ of film competition” hosted in Atlanta, GA. The project was shot entirely on one 100’ roll, only 3 minutes of 16mm color film.

3 minutes

A Midwinter Night’s Dream

Directed by Martin Gooch; Written by Martin Gooch and Alec Worley; Produced by Martin Gooch, Krista DeMille, and Paul Craig

Every year on Midwinter’s Eve in a centuries old ritual, the Sunstone must be returned to the Yew Tree Goddess or the Darkness will last forever. The Yew Tree is ancient, it is mystical, magical and poisonous. Young Morrigan doesn’t want to do it, but her mother and the Vicar insist. ​

This film was shot in one take, no edits, no cuts, no cheats!

7 minutes

The Moor

Directed and Written by James Everett; Produced by Paul Olavesen-Stabb

Oliver has taken his daughter Heather to the moor to find a May Day celebration, but when she disappears, he believes a mysterious huntsman has snatched her. As he searches for her, the moor becomes an endless nightmare. Just when it seems Oliver is defeated, he meets the huntsman, who tells him that his daughter is at a May Day celebration over the hill. Assured by his kind eyes, Oliver thanks the huntsman and goes to the celebration where he finds Heather and a dreadful twist of fate waiting.

12 minutes