Fred Needs a Friend

Directed and Written by Turner Munch; Produced by Carolina Montenegro, Mary Przybylski, Julian Doan, and Turner Munch

Adam wakes up a prisoner in a decaying cell with no memory of how he got there. All seems lost until the awkward, mysterious, and murderous Fred comes to his cell. She’s there to cut Adam to pieces and throw him in a fire, but desperate loneliness stays her hand. Adam must use his wits if he plans to survive and escape this prison.

25 minutes

Miracle Desert

Directed and Written by Mark Hosack; Produced by Brad Walker

Two would-be criminals buried up to their necks in the desert must outwit a dangerous lawman before the real killer arrives. Anything goes in this darkly comic, supernatural thriller, shot entirely on location in the Mojave desert – a film where Casper and Henry have nothing but their wits, or lack thereof, to survive.

13 minutes

My Wife Is a Chicken

Directed by Jingjue Li; Written by Jingjue Li and Jonas Schuback; Produced by Yining Xu

Bella’s wife goes missing the same day a white chicken appears in her home. Coincidence? Bella’s cuckoo-pants therapist says no.

15 minutes