Fred Needs a Friend

Directed and Written by Turner Munch; Produced by Carolina Montenegro, Mary Przybylski, Julian Doan, and Turner Munch

Adam wakes up a prisoner in a decaying cell with no memory of how he got there. All seems lost until the awkward, mysterious, and murderous Fred comes to his cell. She’s there to cut Adam to pieces and throw him in a fire, but desperate loneliness stays her hand. Adam must use his wits if he plans to survive and escape this prison.

25 minutes

We Are The Prototypes

Directed by Ayesha Adamo; Written by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla; Produced by Ayesha Adamo and Vin Scialla

Hans von Kleinenberg and Hans Gambino are The Prototypes: the trailblazing founders of I.F.E (Intelligent Feline Electronica). But they weren’t always on top of the world, bringing cat music to the masses. In fact, they used to be in a metal band, didn’t speak with German accents, and lost a band member to spontaneous combustion. We Are The Prototypes is a deeper look at the band that rose from the rubble of the twenty-first century music industry to achieve cat video fame.

14 minutes