Face Swap

Directed and Written by David Gidali and Einat Tubi; Produced by Keren Hantman

A guy convinces his wife to try out a new A.I. technology to spice up their sex life, but he ends up getting a bit more spice than he bargained for.

This short film may not feature internationally recognized A-list movie stars, but with the help of machine-learning AI algorithms, our actors may seem a bit familiar. A cautionary science fiction satire, Face Swap is arguably the first narrative film using the “deepfakes” process as a storytelling tool.

5 minutes


Directed by Ben Alpi; Written by Ben Alpi and Kevin Rubio; Produced by Jyotika Virmani

In a looming future where social media dominates our culture, the world’s ultimate online celebrity struggles to sustain her popularity while confronting a corrupting virus that reveals just how fragile—and threatening—her world may be. When her every smile, move, and word is monetized, how much will fame cost?

15 minutes

Life XP

Directed by Trevor Addie; Written by Cassandra Ebner; Produced by Trevor Addie, Irma Leong, Chris Webb, Jason Fischer, and Kimani Ray Smith

Fired from the bookstore, Angela finds herself thrust into a new job beta-testing the most cutting edge of virtual reality systems. This new job is Angela’s to finally make her mother, Meredith, proud. But the lines between success and failure blur when Angela’s cascading failures in VR become a worldwide hit. Now known as the “Fail Girl”, Angela must hide her less-than-ideal global fame from her mother. This never-before gamer sets out to balance the rules of her signed contract as well as her life inside and outside of the game.

16 minutes

Tutorial > SKIP?

Directed, Written, and Produced by Thy Vo, Ryan Imm, and Sydney Seekford

You know that feeling? The one where all you want to do is jump right into a new game and kill some stuff, but that damned NPC just won’t stop talking? Well, this is that feeling, animated. New player BigD1999 rushes head first into a video game, sword a-swinging. Will a well-meaning (if a little annoying) tutorial guide be able to slow him down long enough to avoid certain doom?

4 minutes