2002 Film Festival Awards

Best Short Film: Dwindling
Best Animated Film: Mechbird

Screenings & awards for 2002:


1st Place Mechbird, 6 min, directed by Ashley Auld.  A clockwork baby bird learns to fly.

2nd Place The Day of the Subgenius, 8 min, directed by Chris Hopewell.  A British town is invaded by dinosaurs, flying saucers, and bloody big cooties.

Baby-Cue, 14 min, directed by Hazel Grian.  A bizarre stop-motion adventure done with toys, action figures, and Barbies.


1st Place Foley Street, 8 min, directed by Tim Clayton and Rob Crowther.  The man who puts sound into movies does some experimenting.

2nd Place Jack Pierce–The Man Behind the Monsters, directed by Scott Essman.  The life of Universal makeup legend Jack P. Pierce is told through narration, stills, and recreations of scenes from six famous Universal horror films.

Extreme Horror

1st Place Grasp, 18 min, directed by Brendan Donovan.  Two cops follow the trail of a bloody hand found in a laundromat dryer.

2nd Place Daddy’s Little Girl, 17 min, directed by Andrew Landesman.  A young woman finds a brutally murdered man.


1st Place Habirth, 13 min, directed by Martin Thorne.  After the apocalypse, a wanderer tries to stay alive and sane.

2nd Place Hope, 20 min, directed by Ron Brinkmann.  A young woman needs some serious help finding a little girl what has disappeared.

General Comedy

1st Place Only Joking, 17 min, directed by Michael Patrick Kelly.  The penultimate male chauvinist gets major payback.

2nd Place Quest for the Holy Porcelain, 8 min, directed by Ari Eisner.  A young boy has an urgent problem after 4 hours of monster movies and 4 bottles of lemonade.

C.O.G. vs. The Phantom, 30 min, directed by Lewis D’Aubin and Jim Fairchild.  The chronicles of the Consortium of Genius’s disastrous attempt to master the power of the Lost Book of the Dead.

Gothic Horror

1st Place August, 17 min, directed by Hoku Uchiyama.  A young girl wonders what happened to her little brother and who, or what, is crying under the house.

2nd Place SadoMannequin, 14 min, directed by Jim Torres.  It’s hell being a night watchman when the moon is full.

Shadowbox, 4 min, directed by Michael Malone.  Death stalks a mother and her baby.

Horror Comedy

1st Place The Boogerman, 10 min, directed by Jeff Eagle. If your finger goes up your nose, he must remove the finger you chose.

2nd Place Timmy’s Wish, 10 min, directed by Patrick Cannon.  Little Timmy wishes that his parents were dead.  Luckily, Jesus is always there to help.

Quiet, 33 min, directed by Sylvain White.  Junior’s ghost suggests how Daddy can avenge what Mommy did.

Magic Realism

1st Place Dwindling, 19 min, directed by Arnie Lerner.  A young boy deals with some puzzling changes in his family.

2nd Place Fate & Fortune, 16 min, directed by Keith Jefferies.  Strange things happen when Fate and Fortune are dealing the cards.

The Reckoning, 12 min, directed by Chris Barfoot and Robert Clother.

Science Fiction

1st Place The Machine, 18 min, directed by Michael Craft.  A man finds a machine which provides a wide range of experiences.

2nd Place Redemption: Episode I, 26 min, directed by Jay A. Kelley.  One disastrous rescue attempt in an asteroid field was enough, but now they have to go back.

Division Trade, 27 min, directed by Christos Chrestatos.  Survival is the key when violent industrial espionage drives the future.

Paranoia 3, directed by Cathy Raymond, Saif Ansari, and Nick Nigro.  A science fiction thriller about alien conspiracy.


1st Place Nerd Wars, 19 min, directed by Elton Sebastian.  A Star Wars fan discovers that Trekkies plan to destroy George Lucas.

2nd Place Dial “A” for Alphaman, 16 min, directed by Mike Jackson.  The world’s greatest hero meets his match, Dr. Cerebro

The Human BEEing, directed by Tony Shea.  An homage to 1950’s B-horror movies. It’s the story of an evil boss and a mad scientist who plan to get rich by turning all their employees at a typing company into worker bees.

Evilbusters, 6 min, directed by Aaron King.  Who are you going to call when you mess up with the Book of the Dead.

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