A banner year for the DCI Film Festival, 2005 offered :

  • 15 panels, covering such topics as working with a green screen, indie film producing and directing, digital effects, running an Independent film company, producing animated shorts, SFX make-up, making parodies and fan films, story boarding, the history and legacy of Full Moon Entertainment, and digital video compression and Manipulation.
  • 5 feature screenings.  Two were the hottest new Asian films—the Lovecraftian J-horror Marebito, from the director of Ju-on, and the Korean supernatural thriller Spider Forest.  We also had test screenings of the comedy Starship II: Rendezvous with Ramses and the bloody God of Vampires.  Finally, late night we offered Shadows Light, a tale of exorcism, demons, and a djinni.
  • Over 25 industry experts and celebrity speakers, including award winning animator and story board instructor, Mark Simon, Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman, and Full Moon Pictures chairman Charles Band.
  • The DCI Short Film competition, with 74 official selections, plus 16 additional shorts. For the 2005 there was magic, romance, pain, torture, longing, and hope.  There were rocket ships, killers, ghosts, sneaky squirrels, pirates, yakuza, mad doctors, angels, Jedi knights, superheroes, robots, zombies, cops, and John Stamos.

Official Selections for 2005


Feature Films for 2005

The Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival presents two major awards, one for Best Short Film and the other for Best Animated Film.  The winners of the Best Short Film and Best Animated Film awards were selected from the first-place winners in the non-animation (Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Extreme Horror, Horror Comedy, Comedy, Parody ) and the animation categories (Animated Comedy, Animated Horror, and Animated F & SF), respectively.  An Honorable Mention is given to the best film that, due to intense competition, did not place first in its category.  The awards were announced on Monday, September 4th, by Dean Stockwell.