DCIFF 2008 Poster

DCIFF 2008 Poster

We’re proud to announce our slate of films for the 2008 DCIS Film Festival. These are incredible films, the very best in modern short film.

Selected Films for 2008


Feature Films for 2008

The Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival awards ceremony took place on Monday, September 1st.  Clips from each of three finalists in 15 categories (Animated Comedy, Animated Horror, Animated Fantasy & Science Fiction, Experimental Animation, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Horror Comedy, Science Fiction, Short Shorts, Suspense, Thrillers, and Drama, as well as the unofficial category of Machinima) were shown.  Brad Dourif then presented the awards.

Best Animated Short was chosen from the 1st place winners in the four animated categories.  Best Short Film was chosen from the 1st place winners in the eleven live-action categories.  An Honorable Mention was given to the film that, due to intense competition, did not place first in its category.