Panels & Discussions

All panels in the Fairlie room unless noted



10:00 am – Fan Films
A look at some recent fan films, and why and how you make them.
Presenters: Matt Green, John Hudgens, Mark Meer, Matthew McGahren, Larry Ziegelman


11:30 am – Filmmaking Basics and Beyond: Producing
Learn the art of producing a film and the trends and the tricks that can make you successful
Presenters: Lloyd Kaufman, Ken Feinberg, Trip Hope, Thomas Michael Gofton. Elizabeth Stacy


1:00 pm – Cosplay: Crafting a Secret Identity
Documentary focusing on the making-of process inside studios and workshops and on Atlanta as a seemingly unlikely epicenter for cosplay in the US.
Presenter: Jack Walsh
[rm: Hanover C – E]


2:30 pm – Future of Filmmaking: 4K and beyond
A short dive into the abyss of near-future film geekery and learn whether 4K, 48p, h.265, HDR, plentoptics, nantennas, will matter (hint: they will).
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


4:00 pm – 10 Critical Legal Issues For Filmmakers
Learn from an entertainment lawyer about protecting your project from common issues so you can market your film to the public and distributors.
Presenters: Michael Rome, Esq.


5:30 pm – Lighting and Camera: Shooting Like a Pro
Camcorder skills don’t even cut it on the Internet anymore. From cell phones to cinema cameras, we’ll show you how to get a good shot.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


7:00 pm – Everything I Know About Life I Learned from James Bond…or Not
Our expert film critics weigh-in on and dissect 50 years of cinematic Bond.
Presenters: Dr. Bob Blackwood, John L. Flynn, Matthew M. Foster
[rm: The Learning Center]


7:00 pm – Killers & Corpses. Cinematic Thrillers from Korea to the U.S.
Our masters of darkness, murder, and perverse crime, discuss their films, why their stories are filled with such lovely corruption, and if culture is an influence.



10:00 am – Filmmaker Meet & Greet
For our Film Festival filmmakers, and anyone who wants to join in: Bring your stories and meet your colleagues, promote your work, and make contacts.


11:30 am – Props, Sets, Production Design!
The unsung hero or villain of a film is the art department. Our pros will set you on the right track, and save your budget.
Presenters: Andrew Duncan, Raymond Carr


1:00 pm – Filming for Visual Effects Part 1: On Set
There’s a special hell for filmmakers who overuse, under plan, or just plain screw up Visual Effects shots. Find balance here.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


2:30 pm – Filming for Visual Effects Part 2: Post-Production
The tools available to even the lowest of budget filmmakers are impressive to say the least. We’ll demo the key tools and techniques.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


4:00 pm –  Low-Budget Filmmaking
The basic, and not so basic things you need to know to make a film without a Hollywood budget.
Presenters: Matt Green, Aron Siegel, Bret Wood, Elizabeth Stacy


5:30 pm – Animation Stew
The secret’s in the shortcuts! Local animators discuss how to create a short animation in only one day using a madlib script.
Presenters: ASIFA


5:30 pm – Are Web Series the New Short Films?
Cheaper than a TV series and more immediate than film festivals, a web series could be the way to make your short film.
Presenters: Thomas Michael Gofton, Elizabeth Stacy, Yuri Lowenthal
[rm: The Learning Center]


7:00 pm – Most Hated Movies
We’ve all seen them. The movies that Hollywood thought would make it big…but only made a great big mess! Fan based panel on which movies we’ve hated…and enjoy hating


8:30 pm – Lessons in Indie Filmmaking
The master of Troma presents lessons on screen writing and producing, indie-style.
Presenter: Lloyd Kaufman



10:00 am – Asian Americans in Entertainment: Film and TV
Asian American actors and directors discuss the not-colorblind entertainment world. How race has effected their work & themselves.
Presenters: Garrett Wang, Steven Yeun, Peter Shinkoda, Steve Nguyen, Timothy Tau
[rm: A601 – A602]


11:30 am – Restore Remaster Release Repeat
Industry pros discuss the process of curating, restoring, packaging & releasing cult films on video.
Presenters: Daniel Griffith, Bret Wood


1:00 pm – How NOT to Make a Movie: Filmmaking Horror Stories
So, you didn’t tell the police you were filming a robbery scene at 3 a.m.. You’re not alone. Join in this open session of shared catharsis.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello, Aron Siegel, Andrew Duncan


1:00 pm – Independent Animation
Our film festival filmmakers discuss how and why they made the best modern animated films.
[rm: The Learning Center]


2:30 pm – The Gamers: Natural One & Humans and Households
A screening of two brand new shorts in the Gamers series. Q&A with the filmmakers after.
Presenters: Thomas Michael Gofton
[rm: International South]


4:00 pm – The Gamers
A look at the making of The Gamers series, its wildly successful Kickstarter run, and what’s next for the series.
Presenters: Thomas Michael Gofton, [actors & crew from The Gamers]


5:30 pm – Legal Triage For The Filmmaker
Numerous legal disputes can occur during the making of a film. A battle hardened entertainment attorney will show you how to stop the bleeding?
Presenters: Michael Rome, Esq.


7:00 pm – Ask the Experts: Advice for Filmmakers
Bring your biggest problems, deepest fears, and seek advice from seasoned filmmakers with absolutely no stake in your success or failure.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Matt Green, Jeffrey J. Ello, Aron Siegel, Andrew Duncan



10:00 am – Editing for Story
A quarter of a second can change a scene from funny to creepy, inspirational to awkward. Learn to avoid auto-cinemagraphic asphyxiation.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


11:30 am – Filmmaking Basics and Beyond: Directing
Learn the gentle, and savage are of directing, and pick up a few tricks of the trade.
Presenters: Matt Green, Thomas Michael Gofton, Bret Wood


2:30 pm – Social media and Filmmaking
How to turn your work into a social experience.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello