Screening Blocks

Below are the screening blocks for the 2016 event. All information is tentative. Films are listed alphabetically, not in screening order within a block.

Main Festival Screenings
Main screenings are in the Hyatt “Learning Center.” All films have a Main Fesrival Screening.

Ballroom Screenings
A limited number of films have a Ballroom Screening. For shorts, this is in addition to their Main Screening. Ballroom Screenings give the opportunity for move convention goers to see a film–in a wilder, more convention-type screening. Ballroom screenings take place in various ballrooms about the convention.

Fan Track Screenings
A limited number of films have a Fan Track Screening in addition to their Main Screening. These screenings are intended for fans of particular genres or areas and take place in track rooms–thus with less sophisticated equipment but with a very attentive audience. This year, all Fan Track Screenings are part of the Silk Road, Asian culture track.

Main Screenings

Friday 11:30 am


Friday 02:30 pm

Horror Comedy

Friday 04:00 pm

Horror 1: Monsters & Meyhem

Friday 08:30 pm

Science Fiction 1

Friday 11:30 pm

Horror-Comedy Feature

Saturday 11:30 am

Comedic Fantasy

Saturday 01:00 pm


Saturday 04:00 pm

Korean Science Fiction

Saturday 07:00 pm

Cyberpunk Feature

Saturday 10:00 pm

Dark Fantasy

Saturday 11:30 pm

Horror 2: Evil Awaits

Sunday 11:30 am

Fan Films

Sunday 01:00 pm

Princess Eun Hwa

Sunday 04:00 pm


Sunday 05:30 pm

Science Fiction 2: Aliens and the Future

Sunday 07:00 pm

Fantasy/Comedy Feature

Sunday 10:00 pm


Sunday 11:30 pm

Horror 3 - Blood and Guts

Ballroom Screenings

Friday 10:00 am

Fan Films--Ballroom

Friday 05:30 am

Thriller Feature

Saturday 05:30 pm


Sunday 02:30 pm

Horror With a Smile--Ballroom

Fan Track Screenings

Friday 10:00 am

Silk Road: Two Fun Shorts

Saturday 11:30 am

Silk Road: Apocalyptic Stories

Sunday 10:00 am

Silk Road: East Meets West

Sunday 11:30 pm

Silk Road: Dark Tales