We’re proud to once again present The Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival. Each year we look for films that are thoughtful, skillfully made, and emotional, but above all, entertaining. After a long selection process, we have chosen the best of the best, and we’ll be bringing them to you.

You’ll encounter a steampunk airship, undersea detectives, dictatorial aliens, robot lovers, a maniac killer with mother issues, a satanic chess club, a man made of wood, and the worst starship crew in the Galactic Union. You’ll see a clone become president of the United States, a werewolf bitten by a zombie, a unit of stormtroopers ambushed in the jungle, and a research vessel pulled into a Lovecraftian horror. There are films from Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iran, and the Netherlands, plus most of the English speaking world.

The shorts will screen in blocks built around a theme: fantasy, science fiction, horror, horror comedy, comedy, dark comedy, twisted tales, fan films, and animation.

The films will be shown over the 4 days of Dragon Con. All films will screen in the Hyatt Learning Center. Check the app or your pocket program for screening times.

Awards & Judging
The films are placed into genre categories for judging purposes. An award is given for the best film in each category. For 2018 the genres include: fantasy, science fiction, horror, horror comedy, comedy, dark comedy, fan film, and animation. Our judges will select three finalists from each category, and choose one of those to award 1st prize. We also present two Best of Fest awards, one for live-action short and one for animated short, chosen from the category winners. The wining films will be announced in a ceremony on Monday, September 3rd, at 1:00 pm.

The Dragon Con Independent Film Festival selections for 2018 are: