The Infamous Guy Christman

Written/Directed by Anthony DeNiro; Produced by James Leming

A broad comedy about hiding a dead body. Wannabe villain Guy Christman is holding America’s Greatest Spy hostage. However, after accidentally killing the spy, Guy is confronted by his ex-wife, who is giving a tour to sell their house. As they both attempt to cover up the dead body sitting in the middle of their living room, they find their situation becomes harder and harder to control.

6 minutes


Written by Jakob Grahl, Fabian Carl; Directed by Jakob Grahl; Produced by Tristan Baehre, Sebastian Fehring, Philipp Maron

Stephan has a multiple personality disorder and lives with his imaginary friends in a house. By taking a special pill for his cure he hopes to make his girlfriend Luisa happy again. But things get out of control when the “Pill” appears as a real person and wants to clean up the mess in Stephan’s head…

13 minutes

Relivation {aka Weerzienwekkend}

Written by Wim Bax; Directed by Wouter Springer, Wim Bax; Produced by Ray van der Bas, Wouter Springer

It’s 2025. Finally there is a scientific breakthrough: a second chance for the dead. Well, only for those who once hopefully chose for cryonics, like Hélène Toujours. Only eight months after her passing she finds herself renewed and alive at the doorstep of her relatives. But what have they been up to? And what has become of her legacy? As always, grandma clearly has an opinion of her own.

7 minutes

Tuesday Crowd

Written/Produced by Jonathan Hirsch; Directed by Will Kioultzopoulos

Cole is a graveyard shift fry-cook at a greasy burger joint who finds himself stuck at work late into the night, missing his anniversary dinner with his girlfriend. Across town, Jim and his employee Billy finish wrapping up an under-the-table gig when their van is hijacked by a masked robber. They come to a crashing halt in the parking lot of Cole’s lonely burger shack. In the confusion, the robber takes Jim’s earnings and hides in the restaurant. When Jim sees the cash is missing, he storms into the restaurant, on a mission to find the thief and recover his money.”

20 minutes