The Lost Explorer

Written by Kit Hesketh Harvey & Patrick McGrath; Directed by Tim Walker; Produced by Ben Pugh & Rory Aiken

Adapted from the short story by Patrick McGrath, The Lost Explorer centers on a young girl called Evelyn who, on discovering an explorer from Africa dying of malaria at the foot of her garden, manages to keep his existence and his fate a secret from her parents.

20 min

The Lone Warrior

Written by David Spence & Stephen Griffin; Directed by Stephen Griffin; Produced by Emily Peck

The Lone Warrior chronicles the journey of Hanshiro, a master samurai who carries the most coveted weapon in all of Japan—a legendary sword that prevents its owner from dying in combat. For Hanshiro however, this extraordinary gift came with a price. The sword possesses a curse that deprives him from achieving any joy or honor from fighting, and has caused him to resign from the samurai lifestyle and become a vagrant traveler. When Dorin Munesuke, a prominent samurai lord, discovers Hanshiro’s whereabouts and beckons him to fight once more, bloody conflict erupts between the two men to determine if Hanshiro will regain his honor.

17 min

Triplets (Mitsugo)

Written/Directed/Produced by Tomoya Sato

Hana, Tsuki and Yume are identical triplet sisters. Living apart from each other, they are brought back together when Yume falls into a coma. Tsuki gives up all to stay by her sister’s hospital bed. Hana arrives for the expressed purpose of working out what to do with Yume, who no longer has any chance of recovery. Instead, the three have a most unusual conversation.

20 min

Invasion from Planet Schrump

Written & Directed by Nadine Keil; Produced by Daniel Schmidt & Lucia Scharbatke

Since Romy`s little brother has gone, her mother changed. When Romy and her best friend Moritz secretly watch a campy old invasion movie, they discover why: Romy`s mum is an alien! Embarking on a search for proof they hurl themselves into an extraterrestrial adventure.

29 min

The Hatter’s Apprentice

Written by Derek F. Meyer, David B. Whitmore; Directed by Derek F. Meyer; Produced by Laurie Bookhardt

William, a young and eager shop attendant, works in the magnificent world of chemicals and artistry as a hatter’s apprentice. His passion for hat making is only matched by his desire for Sophia, a local flower peddler.
Inspired by constant belittling from his off kilter master and the overly pompous Earl of Longford, William creates his own hat, directly defying the Hatter’s warnings.

At first, his creation seems perfect, as it gives him the confidence to approach Sophia. But when an unexpected side effect turns his fantasy into a nightmare, it’s a struggle to escape before the madness takes over.

16 min

Nothin’ Noble

Written/Directed by Derek Underwood; Produced by Kathleen Hovan, Derek Underwood, Tyler Reid, Lia Towers

A lost squad of wandering soldiers fight against time to find medical help for their wounded comrade. Their journey takes an abrupt turn when they stumble upon an orphaned infant.

16 min

The Tea Master

Written/Directed/Produced by Aaron Au

On his long journey home, a humble Old Man is challenged by a Samurai to a duel to the death.  Through an unlikely encounter with a young Sword Master, the Old Man is taught how to defeat the Samurai using something he has had with him all along.

10 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Vincent Scordia

Whore, tells the story of a young married couple experimenting with a violent sexual fantasy in a sleazy New Jersey motel room. The main idea of the film was to explore a side of sexual culture that is often ignored in contemporary culture. The idea is that sexual gratification can be achieved through abuse and violence in the context of an otherwise loving relationship.
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8 min

Hombre Kabuki

Producer: Cary Becker; Director: Leo Age

Love, lust and lucha libre.

Thomas and Vivvy appear to be a happily married couple. But the spark has begun to fade. It’s hard to keep the passion.  So Thomas brings home a Mexican wrestling mask, to spice things up. But the game turns out to be very different than he expected: duping, disguise, and a ménage a trois with luchador.
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10 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Sagi Zamoshchik

An innocent butterfly wants only on thing: a spot of green.  Maybe it’s a plant he’s looking for.  But whatever the case, green is hard to find in a desert.  And what little is there is more than likely to be man-made.

3 min

Earthly Things

Writer/Director: James Krokee; Producer: Susan Flores

Tobey, a mechanic, uses desperate measures to replace the void in his life left by his dead wife. When his inflatable doll ruptures, he is convinced that a woman he has been voyeuristically watching is destined to be his new companion. But when her resistance pushes him to a murderous rage, preserving this new “organic” doll proves more difficult than it first appears. Weaving in and out of this storyline is April, a mysterious fortune teller with a secret of her own. Earthly Things is about the events that ultimately bring Tobey and April together, and a tale of the destructive and consuming nature of obsession.
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26 min

The Analyst’s Goodbye

Writer/Producer/Director: Michael Simon

An stock analyst is having the worst day of his life and heads to a dive bar to drink himself to death.  Getting fired, divorced and losing custody of his daughter on the same day, send him on a tail spin.  The bar is deserted: no bartender, no customers.  After helping himself to a shot of Jack Daniels the analyst encounters the territorial bartender.  She is a life worn woman with many stories to tell and lessons to teach.  The analyst will have to decide if he will say “goodbye” to his life forever or be taken over by the bartender’s influences.

14 min


Writer/Director: Martin Keegan; Producer: Rebecca Keegan.

The only beauty in Todd Gorman’s life is Laura Hagen, his abusive father’s bewitching girlfriend. When Todd’s odd behavior drives Laura away, the lonely teenager embarks on a menacing quest for something lovely for himself.

15 min

Safe House

Writer/Producer/Director: Stephen Sherrard-Griffith.

Safe House looks into the world of two spies from different religious and political backgrounds who are sent to kill each other but learn in the confines of an international safe house they can form a friendship. It is film noir and like Sin City meets The Bourne Ultimatum.

15 min

Insanity du Jour

Writer: Nancy Knight; Producer: Aimee Wise; Director: Deirdre Walsh.

Insanity du Jour is a story about choice. In a crumbling relationship given public exposure, the film quickly moves to the one moment where the stakes are high and a decision is needed. Dr. Masters has been accused of sexually assaulting one of his female patients. Hannah, his wife, has moved out. What is to be lost and gained is deftly portrayed by lead actress, Sheri Mann Stewart, as she carries the story on her soul’s journey into the belly of the whale and out again.
15 min

Leave You In Me

Writer: Michael Darin Cohen; Producer: William Grant; Director: Dutch Doscher.

Leave You in Me opens with a devastating admission at a moment of great intimacy. After the initial anger softens into exhaustion, Steven and Fiona begin the fight after the fight. Still naked and in bed, they challenge one another’s easy rationalizations and expose the false idealism at the heart of love (and betrayal). As night becomes a new morning, the couple faces an inevitable crossroads: to leave each other or to forgive. What happens next is so destructive it might just save them.
19 min