Rise of the eSports Hero

Directed by Stephen Gillis, Erica Landrock; Produced by Erica Landrock; Written by Stephen Gillis, Sheona McDonald

Writer/Director: Stephen Gillis; Director/Producer: Erica Landrock; Writer: Sheona McDonald

This documentary explores the sub-culture of pro-gaming through the lives of North America’s top eSports team, Team Evil Geniuses as they tour the world competing for money, fame and glory. Chris “HuK” Loranger is one of Canada’s finest eSports exports and self-proclaimed diva. Greg “IdrA” Fields is a legend in the Starcraft community but is now disillusioned with his once passion. Geoff “iNcontroL” Robinson, a former college football captain turned pro-gamer, is now at a crossroads between his career and his bride to be, a Miss USA pageant contestant. Evil Geniuses’ CEO, Alexander Garfield, is faced with the growing pains of being on the leading edge of a burgeoning multi-billion dollar industry as he must deal with balancing sponsors and managing egos all while trying to lead his team into the biggest season of their career.

43 minutes


Directed by Robin Schmidt; Produced by Simon Wan, Robin Schmidt; Written by Robin Schmidt

Directed by Robin Schmidt; Produced by Simon Wan, Robin Schmidt; Written by Robin Schmidt

Dog is the local Triad enforcer, a simple gangster, addicted to violence, bound by a strict honor code. Standing outside an old warehouse Xian, the Boss’s right hand man takes a phone call confirming the order to go in and clear out the current occupants. Dog duly obliges, brutally laying the smack down to a group of scumbags.

As he leans in to light a post-fight cigarette he hears a noise, women’s voices and goes to investigate. He finds a group of what can only be prostitutes hiding out and makes as if to beat them too but relents. The boss calls again, ordering Dog to guard the building for a few weeks to ensure the gang don’t repossess it. Dog must not leave. He accepts but is clearly not happy. Dog’s life inside is one of routine, training, cooking noodles, patrolling the premises. But soon it’s clear that his need for violence is taking over, driving him mad.

40 minutes