Not a Single Word

Directed by Cody Holland; Produced by Marina Conover; Written by Cody Holland

Directed by Cody Holland; Produced by Marina Conover; Written by Cody Holland

Kayden is left an orphan after his disturbed mother is shot and killed while attempting to drown him. Kayden is finally united with his estranged older brother, Lucas, who agrees to become caretaker. Bound by their childhood abuse, the two struggle to overcome their past and connect as family. When their mother returns from the grave, determined to finish what she started, the brothers must finally confront her and silence her once and for all.

13 minutes

Butterfly Dust

Directed by Anthony Bushman; Produced by Anthony Bushman, Aida Lembo; Written by Eric Jones

Directed by Anthony Bushman; Produced by Anthony Bushman, Aida Lembo; Written by Eric Jones

In this sci-fi thriller examining the ramifications of humans playing God, a team of scientists inhabits an island compound working to develop Mariposa, a drug designed to improve a woman’s beauty and amplify her intelligence. The remarkable gains achieved are short-lived, however, and the test subjects revert to savage, animalistic behavior, viciously killing many of the people working on the island. Before learning of the regression in the test subjects, Dr. Judith Nelson injects herself with an enhanced version of Mariposa–essentially a super serum that introduces transformative traits much more rapidly. Without knowing of her self-experimentation, three other remaining scientists and one security guard barricade themselves in the same laboratory with Judith to withstand their creation until help can arrive. As they learn of Judith’s secret, the small group must wrestle with their conscience to ensure survival from both the threat outside the lab and from within, a moral dilemma that will ultimately decide their fate.

16 minutes

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The Jigsaw

Directed by Al Safar Brothers, Rashad Al-Safar; Produced by Al Safar Brothers; Written by Al Safar Brothers

Directed by Al Safar Brothers, Rashad Al-Safar; Produced by Al Safar Brothers; Written by Al Safar Brothers

A man walks through a busy market and stumbles across a dark and dingy shop selling bric-a-brac. A plain and weathered brown box laying amongst some Jigsaw Puzzles grabs the man’s attention. He asks a mysterious and unsettling vendor as to the contents of the box to which the vendor warns him against the purchase and recommends that he leave it be. This further entices the man’s intrigue and makes him more determined to find out what the contents of this puzzle holds.

8 minutes

Blood Fare

Blood Fare

Written/Directed/Produced by J.A. Steel

Corporal Henry Trout fought valiantly in the forgotten skirmish of the Lethe Confluence during the Civil War. The year was 1861. In 2011, he will come face to face with his descendants as the battle for blood begins. Tyler and her brother Chad, Henry’s fifth generation grandchildren, will challenge the very legend of Charon the Ferryman, as the lines between the living and the dead become blurred. Starring Gil Gerard.

86 min.



Written/Directed by JT Seaton; Produced by Ryan Blake George

A fake psychic has been performing bogus séances for years. One night she receives a visitor, a young woman, who has come for a reading. However, the young woman has entered under false pretenses. Everything is not as it seems. And soon the psychic discovers that you can’t con and rob the loved ones of the dearly departed… and not pay a price.

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11 min.

Vivienne Again

vivienne again

Written/Directed by Kim Garland; Produced by Roberta Marie Munroe

A young woman who’s recently begun work in a funeral home finds her life has settled into a place of daily disappointment. One night, while alone at work, a dead body comes back to life—another woman, close to her age, whose own life had been so reckless it led to her death.

Vivienne Again tells the story of what happens when these two women are thrust together to uncover how one died and how both can escape the killer closing in to complete the job.

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11 min



Written/Directed by Lucas Masson

A young woman accepts a babysitting offer from a couple she doesn’t know. Puzzled by the children’s odd behavior, she invites some friends to keep her company. Little do they know that it will be the worst night of their lives…

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20 min

Whom God Helps

whom god helps

Writer/Directed by Louis Mansfield; Produced by Christine McDermott

After the last glass of champagne is finished a young upper class couple departs from a wild night of partying on a roof top deck. While playfully flirting and speaking of innuendos, the angel of death, Azrael, stalks the couple in the shadows. The new beau mentions his sexual intentions for the night only to be disappointed by her response. Azrael speaks to them, manipulating their actions and words. Their conversation escalates into a furious argument as Azrael instigates, ultimately inciting a horrific act of violence. Only after fate runs its course can the will of God come into fruition.

15 min

The Keeper


Written/Directed by Chris St.Croix; Produced by Chris St.Croix, David Buchert

When a mysterious stranger pays a visit to the underground lair of a gang of murderers, they soon find that there is more to him than meets the eye…and he’s not alone.

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25 min

Long Days

long days

Written/Directed by Adam Keleman; Produced by Adam Keleman, Ted Feldman

In the desolate landscape of the American Northeast, Carol, an alluring woman living on the fringe, carries out her quiet routine. Even as she lands an interview for a job as a waitress, she gets a call for work she can’t refuse. In the ensuing racy encounter, her true identity is exposed.

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16 min

Eva of the Succubi

Eva of the Succubi

Written by Dennison Ramalho; Directed by Brian Love; Produced by Ben Rubin, Dennison Ramalho, Brian Love

When an Eastern European mobster steals from his vicious mafia bosses, he finds refuge in an abandoned and isolated cabin in the woods. Gravely wounded and starving to death, the cabin offers him a much-needed place to hide, but he soon finds that this place is not what it seems. A hidden room has trapped a naked young woman who has clearly fallen victim to some kind of demonic ritual. When he tries to help, he finds that he has an overwhelming sexual attraction to her—a lust that leads him to discover that she is something altogether inhuman!

16 min

Devil Board

Devil Board

Written/Directed by William Bazyl Dripps; Produced by William Bazyl Dripps, Jeff Shipman, Ray Nafziger

Rule No. 1: Never Play Alone. On a dark stormy night three girls play a dangerous game. Before the sun rises they will realize that screaming won’t make it stop.

6 min


Written by Olufemi S. Sowemimo; Directed by Anthony McHie; Produced by Anthony McHie, Bola Mustapha, Sue-Ellen Chitunya

Laugh, explores unemployed stand-up comedian Jeremy Keane as his world comes crashing down around him in an apocalyptic end. While fighting to retain his humanity, what does our young hero choose to speak about when he hits the record button on his trusty camera?

18 min