Madly in Love

madly in love

Written/Directed by Yfke van Berckelaer; Produced by Yfke van Berckelaer, Darren Herczeg

The last thing Damian and Pippa wanted was to fall in love. Yet when they first looked into each others’ eyes, love is exactly what happens—so much so that it makes them, and everyone else in the park, burst into song and dance.

This one-song, one-shot musical will make you want to fall Madly in Love!

5 min


Written/Directed by Jonas Klinkenbijl; Produced by Jonas Klinkenbijl, Floris van der Weijden

Pete Oldman enjoys his life in retirement. He likes to smoke his cigar, to drink his cognac and he loves his goldfish. When his apartment gets outfitted with a high-tech surveillance system to check upon its residents, Pete’s life takes a turn for the worse. All his guilty pleasures seem to be prohibited and with each transgression a mysterious progress bar is updated with a Strike. After a showdown Pete is subdued into cooperation with the new system. The camera decides he will not get away that easily and takes matters into its own hands.

12 min

Zombie Love

Writer: Yfke van Berckelaer, Darren Herczeg; Producer: Aubrey Kershner; Director: Yfke van Berckelaer

In this musical extravaganza, Dante, a 200 year old zombie, falls in love with Claudia, a mortal girl. He tries to change his zombie self and pass as a human in order to get her to love him in return. Filled with singing, dancing, blood and gore, Zombie Love will have you laughing all the way to your grave!

37 min

The Bug

Writer/Director: Martijn Smits; Producer: Nick Jongerius, Martijn Smits.

Mia is an elderly lady, living is a retirement home. One day her daughter gives her a mobile phone, in case of emergencies. But a ‘bug’ in the phone turns Mia’s life into a living hell.

15 min


Writers/ Directors: Rob van der Velden, Barend de Voogd; Producer: Marjan Westbroek.

If you love beer, maybe you shouldn’t work in a brewery. Head brewmaster Herman values his lager more than his life. During one of his drunken sprees he topples over into a beer kettle, an event that will prove to have strange effects on his colleagues, a group of Japanese tourists, and eventually: the typical Dutch tradition of Queen’s Day.

12 min

Brother’s Keeper

Writer/Director: Martijn Smits; Producer: Nick Jongerius, Daniel Koefoed, Philipe Wentrup.

Elias brings home women for his brother, Romero, to kill. Romero is deformed and lives in the cellar. But when Elias brings home Eve, their evil pact ends up in bloodshed.

15 min