Blue Dreams Downtown

Writer/Producer/Director: Raiya Corsiglia

A black and white, silent world, Winter in Coney Island. A down on his luck drifter falls in love with a woman in an old photograph. That night a storm comes and as he drifts off to sleep under his favorite bridge, the woman in the photograph comes to life.

3 min

The Big Pull

Producer/Director: Galen Carter-Jeffrey

A man finds a string in his nose.  That’s it.  Just a string—a string that never seems to end. This is twisted, sick, horror comedy, all in two minutes.

2 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Craig Dehut

Jack and his sister are just two regular people minding their own business when they are suddenly and ruthlessly thrown into a dangerous chase. As the mysterious driver relentlessly pursues them, they must use all of their talent and wit to elude him.

2 min

A Thousand Words

Producer/Director: Sean Kennedy

In the near future, another war has begun. Fleeing her hometown, a girl  stumbles across the remains of a house. In an effort to preserve the memory of the lives ruined by the war, she begins taking pictures before stumbling across a more gruesome artifact—the decaying body of the last inhabitant. She searches for remnants of this person’s past, who this person was, what life was to him. She finds photos, leading her to ask the timeless question: What is a picture worth?

4 min

Totally Connected

Writer/Producer/Director: Randy Brown

This dry-witted SNL-style mock commercial touts the ultimate smart phone: a matchbook-sized device that delivers your email, faxes, and phone calls 24/7. The device even has a built-in GPS transmitter, so you can always be found. But ‘getting away without falling behind’ has a hidden cost…
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3 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Harley Hay

SMARTphone explores what happens when a techno-nerd with the latest gadget magically transforms a Plain-Jane in a coffee shop, and then finds out that he’s not the only one with a Smartphone.

3 min

The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead

Writers: Scott Baker, Jason Sakowski, Brad Greenwell, Lisa Garibaldi; Producer/Director: Scott Baker.

Because the trailers are always better than the movie; the Vegan Cannibals bring you the most exciting movie you’ll never see!

The year is 1944 and the Nazi army has become infected with contagious pathogens from their own biological and chemical weapons. The troops invade the cities leaving few survivors. Those left must fight the zombie hordes to stay alive. Where many people chose to run and hide, one girl stood and fought. This is the story of her adventure.

3 min

Hard Stapled

Writer/Producer/Director: Christopher G. Moore.

A man finds that falling asleep at work can lead to some extremely action-packed dreams of the John Woo variety. The 2008 Cape Fear Film Festival called Hard Stapled the “cubicle matrix.” Winner of the Best Short Comedy award at the 2008 All-American Film Festival.

3 min

Boxed Out

Writers: Sarah Ruchalski, Mike Capece; Producer/Director: Sarah Ruchalski.

Some people fear that technology will eventually replace humans. That’s an absurd idea, right? An office worker does his best to carry on as his co-workers begin getting replaced by mysterious boxes.

4 min

I Love You I Love You I Love You

Writer/Producer/Director: Mikey Reyes.

In a post apocalyptic world cities are controlled by a militant government. Mass exterminations are being carried out. Only the strong will survive. Every a rejected test subject, gets a second chance at life after being rescued by Clair, a street smart survivor. The two must find safety by avoiding the cameras and guards that are always watching.

4 min

300 Pounds

Writers/Producers: Eric Valdes & David Superville; Director: Eric Valdes.

A trailer for a brilliant piece of action cinema, a feast for both the eyes and stomach, 300 Pounds is loosely based on a Zack Snyder film that was loosely based on a Frank Miller graphic novel that was even more loosely based on a history book written by Herodotus a couple thousand years ago. The point is, somebody down the line screwed up, and this film intends to set the historical record straight. Never before has this much man flesh graced the screen.

In the words of Spartan King Leonidas: ‘When this battle is over, the world will know the power of being heavy!’

4 min