Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
DMCR Prohibited Activities
Written By: Dan Carroll - Jul• 04•19

The Official Agreements for 2018, may have changed in specifics for  2019

To receive your badge for media access for 2019, you will need to agree that you understand and comply with the following requirements:

  • By agreement with agents, guest interviews are by invitation only and are scheduled prior to Dragon Con 2019. Do not solicit interviews with guests.
  • Reporting or photography must not create unsafe conditions or impede traffic flow, especially in the connecting tunnels between hotels or other hallways
  • Photography and video recording are not allowed in the Walk of Fame, Dealer’s Room, the Artist Alley, or the Comic and Pop Art Alley.
  • Reporters agree to receive emails for one year concerning Dragon Con
  • Reporters must respect the fans, guests and the Dragon Con volunteers.
  • Reporters agree to follow the instructions of Dragon Con volunteers and Dragon Con Security.
  • Reporters agree to provide copies of your reporting
  • All Dragon Con attendees, including reporters, must wear their badges at all time.
  • A press badge does not automatically give special privileges, front of the line privileges or allow special access to the guests.
  • Dragon Con harassment policies apply to all attendees including reporters. All persons reporting harassment will have the opportunity to discuss the matter with the APD.

Principles to be respected

  • Our guests come to Dragon Con to see fans.
  • Dragon Con is a Fan convention and not a media convention. We welcome and support Media Representatives, but our focus is the fans.
  • There is no mean or insulting comedy allowed by authorized reporters. This includes trolling to later mock Dragon Con Members.
  • There is to be no charging for photo shoots anywhere at Dragon Con. This is one of official Dragon Con policies that every badge holder must comply, and it is stringently enforced for reporters.
  • Review the Dragon Con policies located on the Dragon Con Website.
  • That list of agreements you sign for? You are responsible for following them. Moreover, each dragon con volunteer giving out badges know that they will be in hot water if they fail to read them out and discuss any issues you have. If you have issues, please have them before you initial.

General DCMR Policies  

  • Photography Prohibited:
    • Walk of Fame
    • Comics and Pop Art Alley
    • Dealers Room
    • Sky bridges
    • Any where that causes obstructions
  • No tripods, nor light rigs unless you are wearing them
  • No setting up a studio in any place the convention takes place
  • Off limits places:
    • Parade Set up
    • Backstage at Any events
    • The interview room unless you have a invitation for that time
    • The parade route without a designated representative.

Interview policies: 

  • All interviews are arranged before the convention for guests
  • Do not ask for interviews with guests onsite
  • Anyone trying to interview guests in Walk of Fame will be removed
  • If you have a NON-CELEBRITY request on site, you can ask, but we can’t guarantee it
  • You are required to be on time, set up quickly, breakdown quickly and leave the interview room.
  • Do not request autographs in the interview rooms or during/after press events. Autographs at guest tables only.

Panel policies: 

  • No video during panels, can use only 10 minute clips. Clips must be surrounded by editorial content. No badges in 2020 if longer videos are posted. 
  • Do not block views during panels
  • Must be seated during panels. Cannot stand or set up along the walls.
  • Do not get up to take pictures. Bring a zoom lens.

Bad Cases Create Bad Law – Following these rules, please

  • No trespassing.
  • No spitting.
  • No counterfeiting. (Subject to prosecution)
  • No charging for photographs.
  • Don’t demanding special seating as a reporter.
  • If your request is denied, do not try to act as if your request was approved.

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