Dragon Con Media Relations

September, 1 – September, 5 Atlanta, GA
Scheduling Interviews at Dragon Con

How Interview Requests Work

Requesting an interview is a simple process:

  1. Prior to requesting an interview we ask that you review our Interview Request Guidelines.
  2. Reporters approved for Media Access must be invited to request interviews with Walk of Fame Guests. Requests received from reporters and/or outlets not invited to request interviews will not be processed. ALL reporters are invited to request interviews with Dragon Con guests not in the Walk of Fame.
  3. Submit your requests via the Interview Request Form and/or the  Walk of Fame Interview Request Form Please use one form for each interview you are requesting. Forms containing multiple requests will not be processed.
  4. Once you are confirmed as approved credentialed media eligible for Interview Requests, your information will be added to the Interview Request Spreadsheet.
  5. After Interview Requests close at 11:59 p.m. CST on August 15, 2019, the Interview Request Spreadsheet will be sent to the guests’ representatives for review.
  6. If your Interview Request is approved, you will be notified via e-mail of the date, time, and location of your interview. If you do not receive an e-mail, your request has not been approved. Approvals are sent the week of the convention, including Friday.
    * Your interview will be automatically scheduled into the Interview Room at a time/date that fits into the guest’s schedule.

You may also use the Interview Request Form to request interviews with a Dragon Con spokesperson, phone interviews, and in-studio interviews.

* Submission of an Interview Request does not guarantee an interview. Guests and their representatives reserve the right to decline an interview at any time.

Please Note: We are only able to process interview requests for reporters who have been approved for media access for Dragon Con 2019.

    • Requests from reporters/media outlets whose credentials have not yet been processed will be held until the status of their application is determined.
    • Requests  for interviews with Walk of Fame guests from reporters/media outlets that have not been approved for media access and/or have not been approved for interviews, will not be processed.


Dragon Con Media Relations is grateful for the enthusiasm with which reporters have embraced the media interview process. We appreciate your drive and enthusiasm, but we want to make sure you are using your time and resources wisely.

The following are guidelines apply to all reporters:

  • Media interviews are given to reporters as a courtesy, at the discretion of the guest and the guest’s agent.
  • Fan activities are the guests’ priority, and this may cause changes in the schedule including cancellations. Schedule changes and conflicts may affect your previously scheduled interview. Dragon Con Media Relations is not responsible for interviews occurring.
  • Interview Requests and the Interview Room are open only to reporters who have been invited to interview guests at Dragon Con 2019.
  • Please limit your requests to ten (10) guests total per organization (not per reporter);
  • If your total monthly distribution is not nationally significant, please pause before requesting an interview with a premier guest.
  • Please confirm all scheduled interviews with the Interview Room during the convention and prior to the scheduled interview.
  • Any reporters attempting to conduct interviews on the Dragon Con Walk of Fame at any time will lose their badges. This is true even if the guest says it’s okay.
  • Any reporters taking pictures in the Walk of Fame will lose their badges. This is true even if the guest says it’s okay.
  • Reporters who have not been invited to participate in interviews must refrain from requesting interviews with guests between panels or on the Walk of Fame. Reporters who violate this rule will lose their badges.

Requesting an interview through Dragon Con Media Relations does not guarantee or confirm approval of the requested interview. It is up to the guest, their agent or their representative to approve the interview request. Guests and/or their representatives reserve the right to deny or revoke an interview at any time.