Pimp Out Your Face Mask!

In these tough and trying times it is important to find a way to inject a little fun and creativity into our lives.  We have recreated famous artworks with #BetweenArtandQuarantine, and many costumers and cosplayers have compiled videos in their day wear and poof the next thing you know they are in costume.  But it is time for more!

The Dragon Con Costuming Track presents your next challenge/contest…

Pimp Out Your Face Mask!


This is your opportunity to take an everyday mask and kick it up a notch expressing your creativity in today’s latest accessory must have. This contest is open for all to participate, regardless of your experience level.  We want to see your creative/stylish/fun handmade face masks. In addition to being creative, it must also be functional, so at minimum; be sure to follow the CDC Guidelines for non-medical masks (see the link below).

The winner of this contest will be the most creative mask.

The prize: 1 custom garment (not a whole costume) pattern designed specifically to the winner’s measurements by Professor Freddy Clements, master patterner and theatrical costuming educator. This will include sewing instructions and Freddy will gladly answer any questions the winner may have.

To enter this fun and exciting challenge, please post a front and side image of your mask along with a 2-3 line description to any of the following social media platforms: Facebook (make sure to include The Costuming Track Facebook Group), Twitter, or Instagram.  Be sure to tag/@ the Costuming Track and include the hashtag #DConCostumingFaceMask.

The winner will be announced on all our social media platforms and will be contacted directly to receive their prize.


Contest rules:

  1. Masks must be handmade (please, no store-bought masks).
  2. Masks must be your own work.
  3. Masks must be functional. They at minimum, should follow the CDC guidelines for non-medical masks to help slow the spread of Covid-19
  4. You need to post a front and side view picture to one of our social media platforms, tag Costuming Track and include the hashtag #DConCostumingFaceMask.
    Facebook => @DCcostuming, also post to the Costuming Track Facebook Group
    Twitter => @Costuming_Track
    Instagram => @costumingdragoncon
  5. Include 2-3 sentences with your photos describing your mask; how it was made, what it was made of, inspiration, or maybe a fun fact about the mask.
  6. Submissions are due by the end of June 14, 2020
  7. Have fun!