The exhibit is held in the Hilton room 301 and the hours are Friday through Sunday from 1:00p to 8:00p. The exhibit is closed on Monday to give exhibitors time to pack up their works.

Since 2011, Costuming Track has been host to some of the most amazing costumes from the most brilliant costumers at Dragon Con. Thousands of fans annually pass through our door to marvel the spectacle and the ingenuity. You will find a myriad of inspiration here.

This year, Costuming Track celebrates its 15th year of DIY at Dragon Con and the exhibit presents 15 years of great costumes that have made appearances in the track. Mingled among the usual amazing costumes that are newly featured will be costumes that made their debut in Costuming Track – one for each year, representing the most memorable costumes that first appeared in the track that year. Join us for this unique walk through Costuming Track history.

Calling all professional and semi-professional costumers: If you wish to feature one of your costumes in this years exhibit, click here to apply.

Many thanks go out to our featured customers both current and past. By allowing us to display their costuming art, Costuming Track is positioned to provide an experience that is unique within Dragon Con and beyond.