Villain Vogue Fashion Show Application & F.A.Q.s

If you have crafted a cunning costume, built awesome alternate character couture, or want to share a unique styling twist on your favorite villain at the show, please apply for participation below.

NOTE: The deadline for application is Wednesday, August 26, 2020 at midnight.

The VVFS showcases recognizable villainous character costumes from all genres whether it be video gaming, comic books, Disney, Dr. Who, and so on. Villains may be presented in either canon costuming or as a couture interpretation so long as that original interpretation contains signature elements of the character so that they are immediately recognizable. Villains may include other characters in their model ensemble ranging from sidekicks, henchmen, and even their nemesis, so long as the villain is the key figure in the presentation. (evil grin)
If you can avoid being ensnared in one of these villains devious plots, YES! This is a rare opportunity to capture images of top-drawer costuming that may be overlooked in the greater milieu of pop culture cosplay at Dragon Con.
Glad you asked, oh dark one. There may be limited spots remaining in the show. We ask that you please complete the below application form today. If you have additional questions please contact us at: