Panels & Programming

Scheduled events and the guests presenting them are subject to change.

  • Events printed in blue font are our panels and are held in our track room.
  • Events in green are in our smaller, more intimate rooms across the hall. These are where we host our workshops, close-up demos, the headless lounge, and perhaps a few meet ups.
  • Maroon print is our Costuming Exhibit. The Exhibit is open daily Fri-Sun from 1:00p – 8:00p for your viewing enjoyment.
  • Eggplant or Black are costume related events we think you might enjoy, but they are presented by one of our other 37 fan tracks or main events rather than Costuming Track.

For more information about an event, simply click on the title.

We are still adding details and new events to this schedule. Please check back again to see what’s new.

Note: If you are looking for an event that is not listed on this schedule/page, then it is not a Costuming Track event.