Costuming Track sponsors 2 parties during Dragon Con.

Bunny Hutch
Spectrum Party

Bunny Hutch
Party doors open at 10:00 PM
Marriott Atrium Ballroom

The Bunny Hutch started like most things at Dragon Con, as an unofficial meet-up. It’s grown into the official Kick Off Party for the Costuming Track. This event epitomizes the spirit of the Con: combining a massive party and a celebration of Cosplay. The event offers first-timers and experienced costume designers an opportunity to flex their costuming muscles in a more relaxed environment, mashing up their favorite fandom with pin-up style bunnies and playboys while enjoying performers, cocktails, and reuniting with friends.

The event is designed around the comfort of those costumed. Judging is informal, rules are kept to a minimum to encourage creativity, and entrants are not required to walk the stage or have their pictures taken. All contestants receive a one-of-a-kind print just for entering and with over 30 different prize categories there are endless possibilities for inspiration and for recognition.

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Bunny Hutch F.A.Q.’s

Anyone, in or out of costume, with a Dragon Con badge who is 21+, until room reaches capacity. This is a kick off party AND costume contest. You do not need to be in costume to attend, although it is highly encouraged. As we get close to room capacity, we will prioritize entry for those in costume.

Anyone who has assembled, sewn, or otherwise created a costume specifically for this event. One should not enter if they have simply added ears to an existing costume. The registrar/judges reserve the right to disqualify anyone from entering if they believe they fall into this category.

Contestants must be dressed as a Playboy-style Bunny or Hugh Hefner - that's it. We do not place any restrictions on the construction of bunny suits or Hef costumes. You will talk with the judges as part of judging and will be able to talk about your construction process/inspiration/etc, so if your costume is nontraditional that's totally fine. If entering as a group or pair, the ENTIRE group needs to go through registration together, so wrangle up the squad before line up.

Pre-judging will begin at 5:30 pm and will conclude at 8:30 pm. Doors for the party open at 10:00 pm. There will be selective judging from 10:00 pm -10:30 pm, but this does not guarantee your ability to enter, it's at the judges' discretion. The only way to ensure you are entered is to come for pre-judging. Judging is based on creativity, process, originality, and construction. We do not make contestants walk the stage or take pictures. Winners will be announced at midnight. You can claim your prize at the judges' table.

1st through 5th Best Overall, 4 Judges Choice Awards, Host Choice, MC Choice, Best Classic, Best Sexy, Best Funny, Best Comicbook, Best Original Concept, Best VideoGame, Best Hef, Best Sci-Fi, Best Horror, Best Fantasy, Best Anime, Best Disney, Best Nostalgic/OldSchool 60's, 70's, 80's (example Jem), Best Movie/TV Inspired, Best Group, Best Couple



SPECTRUM: The Rainbow Flag Party
Saturday @ 10:00 PM
Hyatt Regency 6 & 7

We welcome all of Dragon Con’s LGBTQ and allied geeks to enjoy a party just for you. DJ Neon the Glowgobear returns for his 11th year helping to create a safe party space for everyone to enjoy. Our go-go grrlz n boyz dance for you in “We Can Be Heroes”, celebrating the hero in us all.

Come out in your hero’s finest (whatever that looks like to you). Our party DJ starts you off with club versions of your favorite Sci Fi tunes and quickly progresses to house music for an unforgettable evening of LGBTQ+ frivolity. So bring a friend, grab some drinks, and dance your hero butts off until 2:00 AM.*

Visit our Facebook Group for the latest news and to meet other Spectrum Party goers.

*Costume not required. You must be 18+ to party, 21+ to drink, have a valid state-issued photo ID, and have a Dragon Con badge to enter.


Our party celebrates the full spectrum of diversity including LGBTQI and straight allies alike. Just remember the party is 21+ so bring your state issued ID and Dragon Con badge to get in.
Are you kidding - by all means, visit one of the bars and buy a drink or 3. The bars will card you so keep that ID handy. Please respect the hotel policy by leaving your flasks in your room. We have the privilege of working with a very friendly and accommodating hotel and want to keep it that way.
The short answer is: Yes. In the past, due to fire marshall limitations, hotel policy, and Dragon Con policy, we have had to ask returning folks to get back in the line they started in the first time they entered. We have a few ideas that will help take the sting out of reentry ranging from "ideal situation" to "well, that's better than what we've been doing" and are negotiating with the hotel and Dragon Con to see if we can implement any or all of these new policies without overstepping our authority. There is nothing we can do about the Fire Marshall limits, however. When we have reached max legal occupancy we cannot allow any more bodies into the room, regardless of whether everyone is scattered about the room evenly or clustered together in one corner.
Yes. please follow our facebook group for updates on this years party theme.
While costumes (along with other club attire) are highly encouraged, they are not required. Just be your fabulous self and have a good time.
Our party DJ (Neon the GlowGoBear) will start you off with club versions of your favorite Sci Fi tunes and quickly progresses to house music.