Lou Diamond Phillips will not be on “Stargate: Universe—Operation Destiny Awaits” Fri 11:30 AM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Michael D. French will not be on “Battlestar Galactica Frakkin’ 40th/15th Anniversary Panel” Fri 1 PM, Chastain DE (W).

Lucky Yates will not be on “Archer: This is How You Get Animators” Fri 4 PM, Grand West (Hil).

Tara Strong will not be on “Voice Acting with the Pros” Fri 1 PM, Grand West (Hil); “Batman & the Heroes of Gotham” Fri 5:30 PM, International North (Hy); “Ask a Character!” Sun 5:30 PM, Grand East (Hil); “Dragon Con Presents (again): Masterpiece Theater” Sun 7 PM, Augusta E–H (W).

Robert Duncan McNeill will not be on “Star Trek Alum Q&A” Fri 1 PM, Atrium Ballroom (M).

Alexa Black will not be on “Making It for the Movies” Fri 1 PM, Grand East (Hil).

Janet Varney will not be on “Thrilling Adventurers!” Fri 1 PM, A601–602 (M); “Attack of the Celebrity Improv” Fri 10 PM, Imperial Ballroom (M); “The Legend of Korra” Sat 1 PM, Grand East (Hil); Two Misfits Who Dream: Women Who Create Fantasy Worlds” Sun 10 AM, Grand East (Hil).

“Painting Miniatures” Fri 2:30 PM, August 3 (W).

“From Deku to Dekiru: Teaching Anime and Manga in First-Year Composition” Fri 4 PM, Galleria 1 (Hil).

Dean Motter will not be on “Creating Iconic Characters from Page to Screen” Fri 4 PM, 204I (AM2).

Jessica Harmon will not be on “The 100: Cast Q&A” Fri 4 PM and Sat 5:30 PM, Peachtree Ballroom (W).

Stephen L. Antczak will not be on “When Life Interrupts” Fri 5:30 PM, Embassy CD (Hy); “Casting Your Novel” Sat 2:30 PM, Embassy EF (Hy); “Dragon Con Guest of Honor Banquet” Sat 07:00 PM, Regency VI–VII (Hy).

Cheree Alsop will not be on “YA Madness: Battle of the Characters” Fri 5:30 PM, A707 (M); “Beyond the Books: Harry Potter” Sat 11:30 AM, A601-A602 (M); “Keeping a Series Moving” Sat 7 PM, Embassy CD (Hy); “Dystopian Fiction How-to” Sat 10 PM, Embassy CD (Hy).

Michael George Williams will not be on “Night of the Living Dead: The 50th Zomb-a-versary” Fri 8:30 PM, M103–105 (M).

Zac Brewer will not be on “Habits of the Successful Writer” Fri 8:30 PM, Embassy CD (Hy); “LGBTQIA in YA” Sat 1 PM, A707 (M); “Secondary Characters to Die For” Sat 4 PM, Embassy CD (Hy); “Juvenilia” Sat 8:30 PM, A707 (M).

“How to Wear a Skimpy Costume & Still Be Modest” Fri 10 PM, 302–305 (Hil).

Myke Cole will not be on “’No Kidding, There I Was…’: Uncensored Stories” Fri 11:30 PM, Embassy AB (Hy); “Delphic Oracle” Sat 4 PM, International North (Hy).

Kate Katz will not be on “Miniature Reality vs. the Uncanny Valley: Models vs. CGI in MSF” Sat 11:30 AM, Chastain DE (W).

“Game of Thrones: An Hour with House Greyjoy” Sat 1 PM, Centennial II–III (Hy).

Kirsten Cairnes will not be on “Space Wizards & Laser Swords: The High Fantasy of Star Wars” Sat 11:30 AM, L401–L403 (M).

“Do Mecha Dream of Electric Sheep?” Sat 1 PM, Galleria 1 (Hil).

“Workshop—Breaking into the Film Business: What You Need to Know” Sat 1 PM, Techwood (Hy).

Kevin Grazier will not be on “How a Centaur Becomes a Jupiter Family Comet & Why You Should Care” Sat 2:30 PM, 212–213 (Hil); “Hollyweird Science” Sat 10 PM, 210–211 (Hil); “Military Science Summit: The Science behind the Sci-Fi” Sun 11:30 AM, Chastain DE (W); “Which Ship Do You ‘Ship?: Spacecraft in MSFM” Mon 10 AM, Chastain DE (W); “Juno: Stunning Pictures, but What Have We Learned?” Mon 1 PM, 212–213 (Hil).

Mike McKone will not be on “The Teen Titans over the Years” Sat 2:30 PM, Centennial I (Hy); “Dynamite Entertainment Comics” Sun 4 PM, 204I (AM2).

Joseph Nassise will not be on “Write Better Books Faster” Sat 2:30 PM, Hanover AB (Hy); “Social Media Marketing for Authors & Creators” Sun 1 PM, 208–209 (Hil).

Eric Renderking Fisk will not be on “Miss Fisher’s Guide to Solving Mysteries & Stealing Hearts” Sat 4 PM, Athens (S); “Temporal Temptations: Erotica of Alternate Eras” Sat 11:30 PM, Augusta (S); “AHMC Adept: Early 20th-Century Period Costume & Props from Ragtime to WWII” Sun 2:30 pm, Athens (S); “AHMC Novice: Everyday Steampunk Fashion Show & Tell Wrap-up” Mon 1 PM, Athens (S).

Rachel Skarsten will not be on “Reign: The Lords, Ladies, & Their Queens” Sat 5:30PM, Grand West (Hil).

Mike S. Miller will not be on “DC Comics Artists” Sat 5:30 PM, 204I (AM2).

Cat Rambo will not be on “When Magic Is Not Enough: Healing” Sat 7 PM, Embassy EF (Hy).

Angela Sheehan will not be on “Microcontrollers” Sat 7 PM, 302–305 (Hil).

Gabrielle Harbowy will not be on “The World & the Game” Sat 8:30 PM, Embassy EF (Hy).

Kacey Ezell will not be on “Prepping Lessons from Combat Veterans & First Responders” Sat 10PM, Chastain F-G (W).

Qualen Bradley will not be on “Black Panther: A New Hero for a New World” Sun 10 AM, M301–M303 (M); “Diversity in Genre Media 2018” Sun 11:30 AM, M301–M303 (M); “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Mon 11:30 AM, M301–M303 (M).

“eSports 101” Sun 10 AM, Augusta E–H (W).

Richard Garriott will not be on “Third Annual Dragon Awards Presentation” Sun 1 PM, Centennial I (Hy).

“I Was an Extra in the MCU” Sun 1 PM, The Learning Center (Hy).

*NEW* William B. Davis will not be on “Stargate: Operation Wormhole” Sun 2:30, Centennial II–III (Hy).

“FX Makeup for Cosplay” Sun 2:30 PM, 302–305 (Hil).

“Tai Chi Workshop with Erin Gray” Sun 2:30 PM, Mon 10 AM, 313–314 (Hil).

Jinglebooboo will not be on “Foams & Plastics, pt 3: Rigid Foam” Sun 4 PM, 302–305 (Hil).

Jeremy Scott Whitley will not be on “Girl Power: Strong Women in YA” Sun 5:30 PM, A707 (M).

Larry Niven will not be on “Where Do I Begin?” Sun 7 PM, Embassy CD (Hy); “When the Words Stop Coming” Sun 8:30 PM, Embassy CD (Hy).

Bill Mulligan will not be on “Let the Right One In 10th Anniversary Panel” Sun 8:30 PM, Peachtree 1–2 (W).

“The Generic Live Show, LIVE!” Sun 11:30 PM, Galleria 7 (Hil).

Spat Oktan will not be on “Zombie Makeup Trio Demo” Mon 10AM, 302–305 (Hil).

“Change Your World” Mon 10 AM, 204–207 (Hil).

Amy T. Mebberson will not be on “State of the Comics Industry 2018” Mon 11:30 AM, 204I (AM2).

Trip Hope will not be on “AHMC Novice: Everyday Steampunk, A Fashion Show and Tell Wrap-Up” Mon 1 PM, Athens (W).

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