*NEW* “Make the Bad Men Stop” Fri 1 PM, Valdosta (Hy), now 2:30 PM, Valdosta (S).

“Dwarves of Middle-earth” Fri 1 PM, now Fri 5:30 PM, Grand West (Hil).

“Digimon Voice Actors Panel” Fri 5:30 PM, now Fri 1 PM, Grand West (Hil).

“Science in Star Trek Discovery” Fri 5:30 PM, now Fri 7 PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hil).

 “Win Harry Kim’s Latinum!: Trek Trivia” Fri 7 PM, now Fri 5:30 PM, Galleria 2–3 (Hil).

“Living to 100 & Other Party Tricks” Sat 10 AM, now Mon 10 AM, 204–207 (Hil).

“Doctor Who Team Trivia” Sat 1 PM, Roswell (Hy), now Sat 5:30 PM, Piedmont (Hy).

“Let’s Build A Team” Sat 1 PM, 204I (AM2), now 204J (AM2).

“Pop Culture Pedagogy” Sat 1 PM, 204J (AM2), now 204I (AM2).

“Red Dwarf: 30 Years of Smeg” Sat 1 PM, now Sat 2:30 PM, Galleria 5 (Hil).

 “The Ministry of Silly Walks’ Obligatory Silly Walk Competition [REDACTED]” Sat 2:30 PM, now Sat 1 PM, Galleria 5 (Hil).

“Electronic Costuming & Wearable Tech” Sat 10PM, now Sat 7PM, 306 (Hil).

“Farscape & Beyond!” now Sun 10 AM, A601–602 (M).

“Make Mine Marvel Monsters” Sun 4 PM, Chastain I–J (W), now Peachtree 1–2 (W).

“Brent Dalton—Agent of Shield or is it Hydra today?” Mon 11:30 AM, Grand Ballroom A–F (S).

“Zombie Makeup Duo Demo” Mon 10 AM, 302–305 (Hil).



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